Saturday, July 17, 2010

Missing in Action

Nope, not a kid. I know where all four of them are. :)

I have also managed to keep track of all ipods, iphones, and gambeboys over the past few weeks, but I'm sad to say that a camera has gone MIA on us. I know we had it on the way home from Grandma's though because Scotty was in the backseat taking pictures of the inside of his mouth again. ...but what happened to it from the car to Nana and Papas' house I am still unsure of.

:( It's irritating and I think of it at least once an hour... trying to figure out an other place that I haven't checked yet. Then I have some hope as I go and check my new place, but my hope is SMASHED TO PIECES when the camera is not found.

UGH. SO. No pretty pictures for the next few days, but I have to keep writing because my husband misses us and has demanded I be a good little blog writer. Maybe I'll go sift through the iPhone pictures...

I'm sure the camera will show up. In the last hour I came up with another odd, longshot of a place it might be, but that little bit of hope will let me sleep a bit better tonight because this whole thing is really irritating. :)

1 comment:

Ingrid said...

I hate loosing cameras since you don't just loose the camera itself, you might also loose some nice photos that you wanted...
Did you find it later on..., I have to keep on reading to find out.


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