Monday, May 2, 2011

Answers... for a special friend. :)

Yep, we did go to an American Egg Hunt last year. We made some cool friends in the last year so we hung out with them and it worked out perfect. :)

Kinder Eggs are illegal because of the inedible choking hazards inside the chocolate egg. Dumb huh? Not in Canada though... :)

AND... we don't save eggs forever. Goof Ball. ...maybe a week or two tops. We normally go through eggs pretty quick though. Of course I put MY eggs in the fridge. In the States eggs are kept refrigerated in the stores. It used to freak me out that in the stores here eggs are not kept in the cold section. Now if my fridge is full the eggs get kicked to the counter and I haven't died of egg disease yet. (Remember when I was concerned about your salmon that you let sit on the counter for 6 hours to marinate. :) Now I do it too. I did it for my parents, but didn't tell them about the 6 hours part... or they would have ewwwww'ed.) :)

I think that soup can was in hiding ...and probably passed down from expat to expat. :) I don't really even use them that often, but when you need one it hurts not to have it.

The resteraunt was great. It was nice and there was a cute old man playing a "laying down harp on a table"?? It was fun. I guess there are several themed rooms and one room is where the famous people have signed the walls. We didn't know until we read the brochure they gave us on the way out and it was too expensive to go eat there again and see the signatures. :) The food was good though. Our pictures didn't turn out, but I took them! :) It was mostly a great dinner because the kids behaved. Screaming kids can ruin anything. :)

Like Scotty's jacket? :) I haven't had to buy a coat for years. Thanks Johan!!!

Elaine is headed to Slovakia on Thursday!!! She is going for the Hockey Championship or some other big important game. Funny huh? It was an easy trip from Vienna so we figured we'd check that country off the list. :)

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franziengland said...

I love being a special friend :) !
We have more clothes for Scotty, I will send them by mail. Glad to hear that you can use them!
Interesting that there are different rules in US and Canada for the eggs..., you'll have to store when you go there when you move back to US.
I KNOW you put your eggs in the fridge, but I also know you save boiled eggs forever. Since you know, how long CAN you save a boiled egg and still eat it without being sick?
Yeah, a soup can can be a saver, but most of the time they end up staying on the shell forever. That happens here all the time.
I'm glad I didn't cause your parents problems since you followed my, maybe bad, example with the salmon...
I would have loved to see some food pics from the famous restaurant :) .
Now I have to RUN, I should have been to a friends house 15 min ago.
Check my blog! Take care! HUGS.


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