Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day MOM!

This mom thing is hard. Super hard.

My mom made it look easy... which I guess is back firing now because I think this mom thing should be easy. It's not. This mom thing is tough work. :)

My mom really did make it look easy. I can only remember three times she yelled at us. I've only ever heard her say a bad word once... and not even a really bad one. She cleaned the kitchen every night. She made our beds once a week with fresh, smooth, cold sheets. She made sure our house was always clean, but she made me dust and vacuum
my own room. It's no wonder I turned out to be so awesome. :)

So here is an event that's bound to make my mom smile. :) Sierra painted her fingernails last week so Andrea decided she wanted to be like her big sister. This is what Poozie did with a green marker. I've since helped her paint them pink and she LOVES it. :)

See...... hard work.

Love you mom!


franziengland said...

You are actually a superduper great mom!! I know, I have seen you in action lots of times!!! And instead of being angry at Andrea when she did her nails (I would probably have been crazy), you took some nice fotos. That's a cool and patient mom!! Well done and congratulations to you on mom's day!

Nana said...

Thank you for the sweet words...your my favorite daughter! Andrea looks very proud of her nails...that must have taken some time to do all those little nails. Reminds me of the episode of Sierra and the cream cheese. Love all of you!


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