Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kids: Coming and Going...

Okay. Michaela came back from Norway... The soccer tournament was canceled because a boy from Norway who was playing in the rugby tournament collapsed on the field and after a couple hours in the hospital he passed away. The girls tried to salvage their trip and did some sightseeing instead. I was beyond happy to get Michaela back home safe and sound.

Then I sent her away again. :(

This past weekend both Michaela and Sierra went to Düsseldorf for their Track and Field meet. Michaela did a relay race and the long jump. Sierra did the mini-hurdles, a relay race, and the ball throw. Their actual participation in the entire meet consisted of probably eight minutes each, but I think they had more fun with their friends for three days. :) I was beyond happy to get Michaela AND Sierra back home safe and sound.

Now I will send Michaela away again.

She will be gone for a week. :(

She is going sailing on the Baltic sea with the entire 7th grade and she will return licensed to sail a sailboat. :)


franziengland said...

I totally understand how you feel. That thing with the boy was really scary and sad! The only thing that I think is good, was that it happened in the country where he lived, so I guess parents could be present rather fast. I really can't even think about it because it makes me feel so sorry. Normally I just try not to think of that anything like that could happen. I know I need to let the children go and IF something will ever happen I guess I have to deal with it one way or another. I pray nothing wont.
I am sure the girls enjoy their trips. Linnéa is now in Paris and send us sms that leads me to ask if she is drunk :) . (She is there with the church, so I am not worried in that direction.) I think she is having SUCH a great time!

Michaela said...

We went to Dusseldorf not Luxemborg. And next week I was going to go to the Hague for some soccer games because the tournament was cancelled but we had one too little people for a team. grrrrr.............. Now i want a giant sushi party instead. Mom?

Tara said...

There. I fixed it. Düsseldorf.

No sushi party, but remember...? I said you can have an end of year sleep over and maybe you can eat sushi then.

Amy said...

Hi, found your blog through Kelli in Denmark. Have scanned over your posts since 2007 but I´m exhausted so I will have to check back in later...will definitely return though, you are a very witty writer, I enjoy your posts a lot.
I´m totally mind boggled by how much you and your family travel but that could also be translated into a little bit jealous of all that travel too :)
I´m an expat living the last 16 years in Norway. So sorry your daughter´s experience in Norway was so bad (child dying), hope she will get another chance to visit this country!
I have sent two of my leonberger puppies to Germany but never been´s on my list of things to do someday :-)
Take care!!
Amy :-))


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