Monday, May 16, 2011

Ich bin awesome!

I have advanced with my use of the German language. I have reached two major milestones!

- I have made an amusing comment to someone German.
- I have reprimanded someone German.

My amusing comment:
I was making my usual trip to the recycling center. This is how the recycling center works: You pull up, tell the attendant what you have to drop off and they tell you which bin to toss it into. Simple enough ...and I'm pretty good at saying "Ich habe papier." and waiting for them to take it to bin "funf".

So I pull up, say my "Ich habe papier." and the guy looks into the backseat of my car where Scotty and Andrea were sitting.

He says "Du hast kinder" ...or something meaning, "you have kids".

Here comes my magic German comment... I SAY... "Yah, und wo ist die Kinder Bin" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I'm HILARIOUS! :)

My reprimand:
Andrea and I were going to the grocery store right after dropping off the other three kids at school. It was early so I tried for the "Good Parking Spot".

The "Good Parking Spot" is the spot's reserved for those with kids and there are only four of them. They really aren't that good because they are on a steep hill and you have to hold the cart near the car with your foot while unloading it... but whatever, you don't have to cross a street and push your full crooked cart up a big hill just to get back to your car. (Everything is about the lesser of two evils here.)

Anyways, I pull into the "Good Parking Spot" area. One car was in front of me. I see the Good Parking Spots and one is open! WHOO HOOO for me!!!

THEN the car in front of me takes the spot!! A car which DOESN'T HAVE KIDS ...just some guy! ...and HE IST OHNE KINDER!! So I stop the car because I'm kinda mad and my mom says I have a temper. :) I roll the window down getting more irritated knowing that I will soon be pushing my full grocery cart out of the store, across the street and up the hill to the Bad Parking Spots all because of this jerk.

This guy is clearly ohne kinder and he is clearly in the kinder spot. I said, "Wo ist deine kinder." Then I gave him my irritated look and drove off just in case he tried to reply. :)

There you have it. My German teacher will be so proud. :)


Michaela said...

Of course Mom needed MY help to do her German homework. At the last minute. Her German class is tommorow and her homework JUST got finished.
Before I helped her guess what was in front of her. Google Translate. But she'S not cheating, she's CHECKING.

So there Mom. Now you know why I leave everything to the last minute. I take after my mom. <3

PiNG aka Patti said...

So, the question has to be asked... is German easier to learn than Danish?

franziengland said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! For the first time this week I burst out in a BIG laugh all by myself at home and my tears are falling. I can SO much see you doing this and I just LOVE having met you, since you are just.... wonderful in so many ways!!! MISS YOU really much! Maybe I know start crying for another reason..., I'd better stop.
Like M's comment too!!!! She is as inventive as her mom (is that the right word? I translated it from Swedish...). I will copy this to my blog, and please tell me if you don't want me too!

Tiffany @ No Ordinary Homestead said...

Go you!
But for future reference, it would be "Wo sind seine Kindern?" Or something like that. :)
Ist = is
Sind = are

Dang those verbs. Props for speaking up in German though. It's the first hurdle to become more fluent!


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