Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Poozie Whisper

Andrea talks. Well, she whispers.

We've recently learned that my little Pooz is just too shy to talk! It's surprising news to me, but I swear it's true!!

With her potty training lately I've really wanted her to just say "pee pee" so I know when we need to make a run for the potty. She kept refusing to say it and acting like she was too embarrassed. She does this anytime I ask her to repeat something so I have learned to interrupt her yells, and whines pretty well over the past couple years.

Last week I took her to her Birdy school (her preschool) and her teacher told me, "she whispers". I wasn't really paying attention though and didn't think much of it due the chaos of a mass of mothers picking up their two year olds.

Later that day I told Andrea to say pee pee and, of course, she refused. Then I whispered to her and asked her to "whisper it in my ear".... and the little stinker whispered "pee pee" in my ear in the cutest voice on earth!!!

I couldn't believe it. I wanted to make a huge deal and squeeze her to pieces, but instead I gave her an oreo cookie and said good job. :) I couldn't believe it!

Later she wanted to watch Rio. I know this because she was handing me the remote while flapping her arms and saying, "caw caw". I asked her to SAY Rio. She stared at me. Then I asked her to whisper Rio to me... and the little stinker whispered "Rio"!!!!

It's not 100%, but I can usually get her to whisper things to me, or at least get her to try.

So after nearly 13 years of parenting I'm still learning tricks.

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franziengland said...

WOW and WOW again! She really does everything her own way. Those little one, I mean youngest ones, REALLY know how to get the most out of any attention possible! I am amazed and I have seen it before... She is adorable, but WOW how they know it and use it :)) .
Johan just have to give Linnéa a hug at school and then a gang of grade 9-12, boys and girls, says "ohhhh, he is SOOO cute, I also want a little brother". After that J gives L another hug to get the same reaction again. Never ever that my girls get that positive feedback, just by being cute and give a hug!!


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