Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Michaela has braces! Phew... it has been a long process just to start the long process!

The poor kid has had five baby teeth yanked out just to get ready for this! Now that I think about it, we have been pulling baby teeth for nearly a year. I was starting all of this before we went home for our summer trip last year.

Anyways... her mouth was ready and the timing was in our favor, so we just did it.

We. HA! I dropped her off and I went shopping.. SHE sat in the chair for two hours with her little mouth open. :(

Not Really. I didn't just drop her off and go shopping. I sat in the waiting room for a while and contemplated busting through the door, grabbing her, flinging her over my shoulder and running away ...maybe kicking the orthodontist on the way out.

I knew the whole event would... for lack of a better word ...suck. :(

I felt bad. I think that before we showed up for this appointment I spent so much time telling her it wouldn't be a big deal, it would be easy, lots of people do it, we have American drugs, blah blah blah.... I had convinced myself it wouldn't be a big deal. When it was actually happening I was a wreck. I felt sick. I don't think I'll get much sympathy from Michaela though. :)

Before it even started I even sat in the waiting room and tried to justify with myself that her teeth were fine and seemed to be straightening themselves. A Butter Knife Friend had to reel me back into reality.

She did great though. I picked her up. She looked awesome. You can't even really notice the braces. I'm a mom. I notice everything about my kids, but honestly... You really don't look at her and see braces. I think they blend in and I kinda like them...and I'm not just writing that to make her feel better. :)

Currently her teeth are sore and she has a sore on the side of her mouth from some wire thing that held it open for two hours, but all in all she seems to be doing okay. I didn't say great, but okay. She's being served mashed potatoes ohne cauliflower and fruit smoothies every day so things could be worse.

I just made her lunch for tomorrow and it's a salami and cheese sandwich minus the bread and I've cut the salami and cheese into smaller than bite size pieces for her. It looks like a salad. I hope it works for her... or else it's pudding and yogurt again. :)

1.5 years was the estimated length of time she will have these super cool braces. We'll see how it goes!

Good job Michaela. You are one of the bravest kids I know.



Nana said...

You are awesome Michaela!!!!!
Hugs for you!!!!!

franziengland said...

Hi! I'm back. After a few days blog pause, calming down after the crash, I'm ready to write and read again. I did read this already before the crash, but my comment got lost.
Just want to say, WELL DONE to the strong and brave Michaela! I know she is cooler than her mom!
Regarding braces in general, I don't think you have to worry AT ALL, it is SO common today, and my girls have actually now and then said they want them, just because they think it is cool and make the person wearing them being special. So no worries. Big hug.


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