Thursday, May 19, 2011

Poozie's Potty Power

I haven't written a story about how the magic has happened for fear that I might jinx it, but Andrea is a now an offical Potty Superstar, so I'll go for it. :)

My plans started with inviting a little three year old over for Andrea to play with. Kenzie is super cute AND potty trained! I thought since Andrea thinks Kenzie is like the coolest person on earth that she would do whatever she did. So Kenzie showed up with her potty and some potty videos and we went for it.

...It ended with Andrea yelling and swinging at Kenzie and then me putting a diaper on her because I felt bad ruining her playdate with the girl of her dreams. :)

But the next day.... Little Poozie Foo Foo was sitting by the laptop, watching Potty Videos, and thinking in her head.

Down came the good Mommy and she said, "Little Poozie Foo Foo, how about we poo poo, in the pink potty and I will give you chocolate."

:) (Did you sing it? If not, please go back and sing it...)

Poozie said okay. She wanted to sit on her potty!!!!

This all happened at 8:30pm... We stayed up until 11:00pm, watching the Potty Power video, and desperately waiting for pee pees so I could shower her with chocolate. Nothing. :(

But the next day.... Little Poozie Foo Foo woke up and wanted back on the potty! AND this time she made PEE PEES :) Whoo Hooo for Poozie Foo Foo!!

She refused the underwear and ran around in just her dress all day ...good enough for me, baby steps!

Over the next few days she went potty. I even carried the potty in a bag when we went out because in my world stores don't have bathrooms... really. We rode the bike to the store, potty with in the basket. We picked up kids from school, potty was strapped to the backpack. We went to field hockey, potty was in stroller...

After a few days I think it was too much potty for her and she went back to hating the potty.

Being the terrible parent I am I gave her back diapers and was at least satisfied that she wasn't scared to tears of the potty. Here's the thing though... I'm not really a terrible parent. This isn't my first kid and I have zero interest in the unspoken contest of who's kid can be potty trained first. It's a zillion times easier when your kid wants to... and in Europe, with a girl, it's a zillion times easier with diapers. :) So please spare me the, "consistency is the best thing you can have while potty training-blah-blah." :) I've read that book too. It's just that my sanity is worth more.

Then "the incident" happened. She was playing in the living room, where her potty still sat in the corner. She stopped playing and I could tell she had to go potty. She looked at me. She looked at the potty. She looked at me again. She looked back at the potty. Then she PEED in her diaper and went back to playing. It felt like a teenager trick. "Yah, I could do what you want. Yah, I know how to do it. ...but I just don't feel like it right now. So nah-nah on you."

So I took all the diapers and hid them at the top of the closet. From that moment on we have been diaper free. We've pee pee'd in public big pottys. We've pee pee'd at school. We are potty superstars over here! She even woke up dry the last two nights!!!

As a special Poo Poo note: She makes no differentiation between pee pee and poo poo... both go in the potty and she's okay with that. PHEW!

Scotty's been helping....


Nana said...

Yeaaaaaah!!!! And yes I did sing. So happy for you most of all! Hope she will go on the airplane when the time comes.

franziengland said...

You are a superstar mom!! This is the smoothiest potty training I've ever heard about! YOU should write a new book!
Sorry, we don't do that song in Sweden. The children have to learn potty with no singing, ha ha. Look forward to hear you sing it when we meet next time.


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