Friday, June 19, 2009

28 more hours.

28 hours to go!! This means my shopping list is almost complete. It's not so long this time. Last time I had TONS of food and baby items to bring back. Now it's just things I can't get here.

Here's my list from last year: I made the things that are on my list this year red.
- cat tags/collars
- hanging file folders
- pancake mix
- umbrellas
- scotty pull ups
- infant swim diapers
- cat flea stuff
- white sauce - graham crackers
- dryer sheets
- folding sandwich bags
- rolling pin
- peanut butter
- parmesan cheese
- kettle corn
- frosting
- pancake syrup
- garbage bags
- infant tylenol - kid vitamins - memory stick
- poofy shower things
- happy's salad dressing

Here is my new list. It's full of things I CAN'T get here. I'm now willing to pay $3.00 for a glue stick and have resigned to making my own pancake mix and frosting. However I refuse to buy batteries and shoes here. WAY too expensive. (unless someone knows a special place to buy batteries, I've honestly never really looked for a deal)

- Batteries: AA, AAA, square ones, one for thermometer
- Various Medicine
- Lunch boxes
- Shoes and socks
- Mini cupcake holders
- Ranch dressing
- Hair things
- Antibiotic cream

...That's all I have so far! Mostly I think we will be bringing back clothes. ...except for Sierra who has a million things to wear since Michaela grew a foot the last two weeks. :)

I'm excited to leave and go back to North America, but I have moments every day when I don't want to go. I don't want to leave Paul here all alone, him in the quiet house for three weeks sounds boring. I'm also starting to miss all my friends. Scotty's last day of bornehaven was sad... I'll need some circus peanuts to make me feel better. :)


Anonymous said...

hey we will still be here when you come back...

have fun!


Fuzzy said...

Aw, have a great time.

It's so funny how we all have lists when we go back to North America. The funniest thing is, often Danes have lists for us as well. For some reason Nyquil is always popular with Danes who've been in the US and have tried it. Moi? I asked my boss to bring me back Uristat during his recent trip.

Re: batteries. Tiger is reasonable for them, I have found, but I suspect as a mom with kids that your family must go through an amazing amount of batteries for things I've never considered.

One other thing you may want to consider bringing back with you is a giant pack of recordable DVDs or CDs. They're dirt cheap in the US and priced like gold here.

Lisa said...

What about cake mixes? Can you find pancake syrup now? I have been stocking up on meds as I know it is crazy to get a tylenol =-) Pudding mix? I was in Longs yesterday and saw a bag of yucky circus peanuts and thought of you!

Kelli Nørgaard said...

I love your list!! Because I am hoping you stock up so much that you do not need it all when you move back so you can "will" it to me!! LOL

Have a wonderful trip!

At home with the Vikings said...

I can definitely relate to the list of things we can't live without here, meds, syrup, cake mixes, and they have made our list too. However...the part I really relate to is leaving Finnie for 5 weeks...sniff, sniff. The house is going to echo when we are gone! Have a great time!


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