Tuesday, June 23, 2009


We are here. We are tired. The flight went really good. The kids were SOOOOOO great. Everyone is happy to see us. :) We miss Daddy who was left alone at home to work for a couple more weeks. We are enjoying Target and the warm sun and all the food we forgot we loved. America is wonderful... seriously the best place ever.

A few more days and I'll write more because Andrea wants the keyboard. ;)

P.S. Andrea is NOT adjusting to the time change very well. But I do have lots of American reality shows that I can catch up on in the wee hours of the morning. :)


honeypiehorse said...

Sounds perfect - warm weather, fast food and Target. I'm jealous!

'Babs' said...

Have a WONDERFUL time! Hoorah for Target!

At home with the Vikings said...

Congratulations!! I am happy to hear that you arrived safely and enjoying the comforts of the US! ;) We fly out on Monday, and the kids are making lists of what they need to take in while we are there! Enjoy!!

Live, Play, and Read Together said...

Yeah... what about cheap pedicures and flip flops... Glad you are home. I'll call you this coming week to catch up.

Ingrid said...

Hi, Good to hear that the trip went well! We are having a nice and busy ;-) time in Sweden, but we think of you. I write more later.
Bye for now and lots of hugs! Have fun!


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