Thursday, June 25, 2009

First Few Days

More details about our flight here... It was pretty good. Did I mention that SEVEN people told me how well behaved my children were. :) I was very proud of the kids. It could have been much worse but the kids were awesome. ...Even with the secondary inspection of our things in Seattle where they took our Ham and Cheese sandwiches. :)

As we went through the passport check in Copenhagen it was like entering a different world... Once on the other side of the barrier, people were telling me how cute my kids were, making small talk with us, holding doors open, helping hold things.... It was then I remembered what "normal" people were like. Every time we go out now people are talking to us, talking to the kids, commenting on how incredibly cute Andrea is... People are NICE! I love it!! I miss people.

More things I love about the people (Americans) here. I was at Burger King at the airport in Seattle and there were three people in line, including us. We were standing a few feet back from the person ordering... you know, to give them their privacy while ordering... :) We weren't really in a straight line, nobody really knew was next. The cashier asked for the next person in line and we all looked at each other... offering for the others to go first, almost insisting that the other person should go first. Eventually all three of us decided I should go first because I had the most kids. :) In Denmark the other two people would have shoved past me and the four tired kids to get to the front of the line... Of course in Denmark I would have stood three inches from the person in front of me to ensure this didn't happen. :)

I also have found I really miss big freeways. I enjoy ten lanes of cars, five lanes in either direction... It makes me happy... at least when traffic is moving quickly.

... We are now at my moms house. We spent the first few days with Grandma and enjoyed the pool, and picking oranges and plums, and Target of course. :) The kids are getting more used to the time change so I get to sleep in until 4:30am now... which is way better than waking up at 1am wide awake so I'm happy with that. We've eaten lots of food and I am "full" most of the day. I'm approaching the point of being satisfied with food so I can stop binge eating I think. We miss Happy and hope he can figure out a way to come to CA early to go to the beach house with us... I love you Happy. ...lots. Sorry you are missing out on America, but you're a Canadian so you'll be happy with Swiss Chalet and Tim Hortons soon enough. :)

Today I had lunch with my best AMERICAN friend! :) Trini!! I also stopped by my old work and saw everyone and introduced Andrea. I love all my old work friends. Monday I hope to go back for lunch with everyone.

I'm off to the dentist with Michaela and then to WALMART and then to a craft store.


Kel D said...

Hehe. Queuing. You know one of these days I will turn to a queue pusher and say "does that make you feel better, sonny jim?"

Glad things are going well.

honeypiehorse said...

Yeah I miss normal niceness too.

Lisa said...

Woooo Hooo! I am glad you are enjoying youself! We will see each other soon!

Gracey said...

Wow, American people sound really nice! :)


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