Friday, June 19, 2009

Scotty's Last Day of Bornehaven

I miss his bornehaven.

...and not because this was the place I could drop him off for five hours a day. :)

I really liked it. I feel bad because I've been driving around looking at other bornehavens for when we return. The only problem I had with this one is that I just can't talk to the teachers because they don't speak English... just Arabic... and I need to know what Scotty is doing. :)

-Now I will insert my random comment that Arabic and Middle Eastern cultures may be very different then what we view as normal; but every parent at this school, moms and dads, were all very kind to us. They all gave their kids kisses when they leave them in the morning and the men would hold the door open for me when my arms were full (every day). I feel the need to insert this comment because many people have some issues with people from this area of the world and I think that's dumb. I've had one experience when an Arabic speaking man went crazy and starting yelling at some woman in an elevator... (I was also dumb enought to step in.) ...but I have TONS of experiences watching "white" people being mean and agressive.

Back to Scotty's Bornehaven.

His teacher. I will miss her the most. I never really spoke to her. We did a lot of charades and writing notes and third party translators. :) But Scotty liked her and I think she was very good with him.
His class had a small party with "Ost Bollers", popcorn, and apples. I almost made cupcakes covered in chocolate frosting but ran out of time that day. :) His class gave him a book with pictures of him doing things throughout the year and they gave him a big framed picture with the best pictures of him having fun at bornehaven. :) Scotty really liked his presents. He yelled "WOW!!!" as he opened them and was very happy.

I just re-read this. I inserted my "random comment" because no "DanishDanish" kids go to this bornehaven. Being from California I wasn't phased with Scotty being the only blonde haired boy in the room. :) I like that he viewed them all as just kids so maybe he'll grow up and be a reasonable adult when it comes to things like this.


honeypiehorse said...

OK I have to disagree with your California comment because my kids always seemed to be the only blonds in the class too. Until we moved to Munich that is. What's up with an Arabic school in Denmark? Cool.

Michaela said...

it's enough not enought


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