Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Busy! Sorry, I haven't even had time to get on the computer really. I blame it on the light. It's light until after 11pm now so it never really seems like night time, and that is when I normally sit on the couch and play on the computer. It's like my night time has disappeared. I never even see it dark unless I'm up at 1am with a kid.

So real quick catching up... Last Saturday I had a birthday party for my friend here at our house. We played some silly games and had a good time. I like my friends. :) I have tons more friends here than anywhere else I've lived. It's so much easier to make friends here, I think that part of Denmark is great. - I remember in Portland there was a mom at the girls' school bus stop. ...our kids were friends, we lived around the corner from each other, but I never once invited her over for dinner or coffee. That would have been odd for me. ?? Don't know why. We would stand on the corner talking for a while and we always had things to talk about, but it never amounted to any "real" friendship.

Here I'm so busy mostly due to the fact that I am at someone's house for coffee or lunch at least 2 or 3 times a week. : ) See Paul, I have busy days too! Like today, I was gone all day... with my friends. I even made a new friend today! ...someone who I met with for 2 hours but I'd willing call her up and invite her family over for dinner. You wouldn't do that in the States, at least I wouldn't have, maybe someone else may have. Perhaps I'm just different now. :) A little more brave and outgoing when it comes to meeting people. SO. I like my friends. I will miss them when we go back to CA and Canada. I'm actually a little sad I'll miss out on things they will be doing without me. ...nothing a little "America" can't cure though!

...Anyways - pictures from our birthday party ...and my super cool cake. Holly (cousin Holly), I didn't use marzipan, just good ole' American Rice Krispie Treats.
My friends are from Italy, Poland, Denmark, Belgium, and Sweden. I'll let you try to match them up. :) That's a lot of languages in one room.

NEXT - School picnic at Mindeparken.
There we are... that's a big chunk of the school too. 75 people were there.

First, I feel like a loser for never visiting Mindeparken until now. We went the day after my party. It's a REALLY cool park! ...it's right by the sea and it's a really neat place. Something that has to do with the Queen is nearby, but I'll let anonymous explain that one...

You can check your matching countries to my friends.
Left to Right: Italy, USA, Poland, Sweden, Belgium
Did you guess right?
The picnic was a lot of fun with all the families. The weather was perfect too! Lucky, since the day before it rained all day. :)

So that's me catching up with my excitement. I've been busy trying to get organized to cross the planet too, but I think I'll write ALLLLLLLL about that tomorrow. Off to make lunches. Three more nights of making lunches and then I get a BREAK. WHOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!


Ingrid said...

Oh yeah, we are busy over here :-) ! What happened to the game "write odd things about yourself". It took me SO long to find out about anything odd with me and then we didn't do the game!Besides that, I have no disappointments from Saturday, it was a great evening, especially the strawberry marguerithas! Hugs!

Lisa said...

I can not wait until you are on the left coast!

PiNG aka Patti said...

Oh boy - my guesses weren't even close!

honeypiehorse said...

I guessed the Swede right - no one smiles like the Swedish.

Craig said...

Oh...I mixed up two, Italy and Poland. The U.S. looked a little familiar, I think I remember her...oh yeah, that's my daughter....see you Saturday. Dad.


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