Friday, June 5, 2009

Holiday today?

Today is a holiday. I have no idea why, I just know my husband is at home, my kids have a half a day of school, and I can't go grocery shopping. ...and there are flags everywhere.

Remember I wrote about the great weather? Well the last two days have been littered with pouring rain and hail storms, not lasting too long, but still capable of getting one sopping wet.

I feel personally responsible for the bad change in the weather. I gave to car to Paul for the week because of his sore back... and as I turned over the keys I said, "You take the car. The weather is great, I'd actually like to walk around and take the bus." Mr. Denmark heard me and showed me who was boss. So I'm sorry to everyone for ruining their weather. I have the car back now so things should get nice and warm again in time for whatever holiday is today.

Now for my apology for not writing so much. Sorry. It's been sunny and the bus riding thing really puts a dent in my free time and energy at the end of the day.

OH!! I went shopping last night at 9:30pm!!! I think I finished all my overseas Christmas shopping too. (I buy my Christmas presents right now, so I can deliver them to family during the summer because I HATE paying for shipping.) Anyways, the "city" was "open" until midnight last night. It was like a "Day after Thanksgiving" shopping day... lots of people and things were on sale (still too expensive to actually buy). Paul came home from work and so I decided to ditch the kids. I hopped on the bus and went into town ALL BY MYSELF! :) It was fun., but I kept looking around like I was missing something... or someone.

I did learn that my bus does not go all the way into town after 7:00pm... which posed a problem when I wanted to come home. :) However, I was pretty pleased with myself that I could figure out where to walk without getting lost and find a new bus stop. It's taken me forever (1.5 years) to easily navigate my way through the downtown walking streets. So here's my helpful tip on moving to a new country. Go to the downtown area and walk around for two days straight... draw a map if you need to. :) I still can't find a toy store I visited in in December of 2007. :)


'Babs' said...

Which store was it? (the one you can't find?)

Kelli Nørgaard said...

Happy "Grundlovs Dag"!! :o) constitution day!!

Tara said...

The store is a toy store. It's downtown in the walking street area. It has lots of wooden toys in it. It's stuffed full of things. It's kinda out of the way, not around lots of other stores. ???

Pete said...

Did you know there's also "American" miniature golf on the roof of Bruun's Galleri?

Pete said...

Maybe "Børnenes Magasin"?

PiNG aka Patti said...

It's not only constitution day in Denmark, it's also father's day :)


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