Thursday, May 27, 2010

Autum is here... oops I mean Spring

Everyone else on the street gets green trees for Spring. Everyone else in the world for that matter... Spring is when green leaves come and make trees bright and happy. Autumn is when red and brown leaves come. For some reason my house is currently surrounded by red leaved trees... and to call them red is a stretch, they mostly look a dull maroon, like my couch :) or even brown. Yuck. I don't understand. They are not red maple trees as my Canadian Husband thought, although the red one in the backyard looks maple leaf-y. They are just red ugly trees... that drop a zillion small pokey balls that open up revealing a small seed that grew baby trees all over the yard. Sierra called them "books, bo in Danish (bog)" she said they were in Denmark. My mom and I wondered if they would turn green. No Mom, they show little hope of becoming pretty and green. :( But you can't see the houses across the street anymore.

Here is my yard. I took these pictures from the kitchen window on our first floor since we are living the skyrise life and have no ground floor. The owner of the house lives on the bottom floor. She is great. She called the DMV for me yesterday and acted as my translator saving me a trip to that awful place.

Here are my rhododendron bushes Ingrid. :) They had a few white flowers and with this last week of semi-warm weather some purple and pinks flowers have been popping up. The homeowner said this year isn't a good year for the flowers and that usually the bushes are FULL of flowers. :) I think this is what California plants in the middle of divided freeways. Big giant bushes that make flowers. :) (Did I mention I miss California?)


Corrine said...

The plants that divide the freeways in California are called oleanders.

Craig said...

California weather is different this year...maybe the coldest on record. It hailed two days ago...hail and it's almost June. So much for global warming.

Ingrid said...

Hi, I have read this some days ago, but didn't have time to write a comment. I have been really busy the last weeks. At Friday the Felton family is coming. We look forward to it but it is stresful before they are here.
Thanks for the photo of the rhododenros, I guess your houseowner is right, I might sometimes be lots more flowers on them. I don't think it is the same flowers as the one you think of in California. If Corrine is right about that it is Oleander, that is not the same flower.
I am impressed about Sierras tree knowledge! The trees are called Bog in Danish (Bok in Swedish), the same word as book (I don't know why). Most of them are green and we have LOTS of them here in Ã…rhus, especially close to the see and they have the most wonderful green color when spring comes. The red ones are called (if I do a word by word translation from Swedish) Blood Book. I can see you don't like them, but I think they are beautiful too. The English word for Bog I know found out is Beech, but I can't find out the special word for the red ones...
I think you shall enjoy your garden, it is lovely and the most important thing anyway is that there are room for a trampolin :-))) and it is.


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