Monday, May 10, 2010

Cup Of Corn

Dad, next time you visit you can have a cup too... :)

Last week we finally got a Cup of Corn!! Our first attempt was when my Dad was still here, but it didn't work out... We couldn't find the Cup of Corn Man. :( So Papa missed out.

Nana scored a yummy cup of corn though... and her life will never be the same. :) We even waited 15 minutes for it since the unprepared Cup of Corn Man was out of corn.

A Cup of Corn is just that... a cup that is full of whole corn kernals. They seem to be right off a cob and are drenched in liquid butter and salt. :) ...and they are hot!

The girls and I first discovered this butter and salt covered vegetable after a long train ride from Denmark to Hamburg when we first moved here. We arrived at the Hamburg Hauptbahnhof and we were starving and cold. Then we saw him... The Cup of Corn Man. People were leaving his yellow corn stand holding steaming cups of corn and they all looked so warm and happy. We wanted to be warm and happy too. :) we bought some ...and we were.

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Ingrid said...

I have never heard about "cup of corn"! I guess it is superyummie and my children would love it, but I am still surprised that that business idea works...! But I come from Sweden and we are so few people, that hardly anything can work :-) . If there is a huge population it is enough that a few percentage of them are interested, there will still be enough costumers. That is not the case where I come from, ha ha ha.
Did you see my question about the rhododendrons? Have a great day!


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