Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Guess what? My teeth still feel funny. I still don't feel like I can bite apples or beef jerky. :) They don't really hurt, just feel weird and like they aren't fully healed. I use them to bite now, but they just feel wiggly even thought they aren't.

I went to a dentist last week to confirm they aren't dead. :) They seem to be fine, but I guess teeth that are smashed in by concrete take a while to heal. Here is the story... Reading it now makes me smile... :)

The bruises on my legs still hurt too... The bruises were from where my hands, which were still holding onto the pogo-stick, hit my legs. This is odd because the visible bruise isn't there, but if a kid leans on my leg it hurts still... I think I'm broken. Can a bruise last forever?

I was thinking about this because today Michaela stood on the edge of a cardboard box. I don't know why... but she jumped off but the box slipped and she fell, but caught herself with her hands and it was uneventful. After it happened I had to sit down. I was so scared that she was going to hurt herself like me! That second of fear made me sick to my stomach...

Of course, I still use my "experience" against the kids often. "Don't do that or else you might knock your teeth in and you'll get a teeth bandaid!!" ...works everytime!


Anonymous said...

MMmm, well I saw it happen and i can tell you, I've never prayed so fast.. ("Ohpleaseletherbealrightopleaseletherbealright!!!!!").

I had an impact on my leg once during a bike accident. There was nothing broken, but that part of my leg still feels funny 15 years on.

Getting a second and third opinion on your teeth might be worth it. Just in case?

You were so brave when it happened, it might also be a case of now there is enough distance between the event you are able to process it..which would mean going into a bit of shock.

I guess these things take time.

Z x

Ingrid said...

Oh, it isn't long ago enough, for letting me smile! I still feel a coldness coming over me when your remind us about that accident.
I guess it is natural to feel that you don't really 'trust' your teeth and think you could use them as before you fell. But I do think it is strange that the legs still hurt. I would never have guessed that to happen and I don't understand why, but I don't think it is dangerous or something you can do about it...
GOOD that nothing happened to Michaela today!
Have a great weekend! Have the guests arrived yet?

Live, Play, and Read Together said...

I have great black mail pics.. Be nice to me :)

Craig said...

At lease you can still eat Bornhaven bread. :-)


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