Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I forgot

I forgot I had a blog. Oops.

Friday just Scotty was out of school. We played at home because that is what he wanted to do. His normal school days are pretty long (8:30 - 3:00), and they are full of activities so I figured the boy could have a day of Wii. :) I did manage to force him to help me make cookies. He was impressed with the electric mixer and even more impressed when the oatmeal he thought was yucky tasted okay when mixed with sugar, butter and chocolate chips. :)

Saturday we did nothing. Michaela was at a sleep over party. We went to breakfast at a bakery we found. I took Andrea and Scotty grocery shopping. Sierra and Happy spent the day at IKEA. :) They bought a new red leather couch and chair to replace the old red couch we had. :) The new red is more maroon-y, the old red was bright red.

My thoughts on the color red: It's not a fun color anymore because it's WAY too common. Red may as well be beige. I liked red before because it was different and fun. Now everyone has red in their kitchens. We had red kitchen chairs and I felt like I was being different. Now I'm just boring. I think we will get lime green chairs, or purple... maybe yellow or orange. Red is blah.

All that said about red, I do like our new couch much better than the old one... Which, by the way, was new too. We are good at changing our minds and returning things. We've probably returned a 1000 euros worth of things because we "changed our mind". :) Oh well, I like our green couch in the kids' living room and our new maroon-y one in the grownups' living room. :) The orange couch we have, I dislike it a great deal. (I would even go as far as to say I hate it, but Scotty doesn't not allow anyone in the house to say hate.) The orange couch is in the quest room and turns into a pretty handy bed so it will have to stay... for now.

Another product of Saturday's IKEA-thon was a bed for Happy and me!! For the last few months we have been sleeping on a mattress which was lying on the floor. :) It was fun for a while because it was fun to play on with the kids. :) I would have been happy a mattress on the floor because let's face it, at the end of the day I'd be happy with sleeping on a tile floor, I didn't care. ...but now that we have a real bed, the first real bed we've had since leaving the States, it's more comfy to go to sleep. I like it too.

It was a rare IKEA trip that went well since the bed was 70% off for a broken box and the maroon-y couch was discounted too AND the couch was even delivered the SAME DAY. The IKEA gods were smiling on us...

Sunday. I took Sierra out for lunch. Every other week I take Michaela or Sierra out for breakfast or lunch for some "Mommy Time". Secretly it's my time away from that small little Poozie Monster too. :) Then Happy takes the three big ones away while Andrea naps so I have some alone time. This Sunday Andrea slept for an entire 35 minutes and was woken up by the POURING rain and thunder.

Monday. No school again. I have absolutely no idea why. May is littered with random holidays. I can't even think of what we did. Maybe this was the day Happy took the kids for ice cream. I can't remember and I don't think it really matters. :)

Perhaps tomorrow I'll have something of interest to write about. I do actually, I took a picture of it with my phone today. :) It will have to wait though, I don't feel like getting up to get the phone. :)


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