Monday, May 31, 2010

Night Night

BEDDING. Even from Germany to Denmark the bedding is different. Pillows, mattresses, duvets, sheets...

We have a multi-cultural bedding household.
Sierra's bed is Danish, her duvet is Danish, her pillow is American.
Scotty's bed is Danish, his duvet is Canadian, his pillow is German.
Andrea's crib is Danish, her duvet is German, her two pillows are American and German.
Michaela's bed is American, her duvet is Danish, her pillow is American.
Happy and my bed is German, our American mattress has a Danish duvet and we have German AND American pillows. :)

Buying new sheets and bedding is a difficult task because they are all different sizes. THIS, Ingrid, is why I don't have extra sheets. :)

Head - German pillow
Belly - American pillow
Feet - Danish pillow

PAPER: is not the same size either: ...AND the holes are in silly spots.

PAPER HOLES: A sheet of lined notebook paper. Here you either get two holes in the middle or four along the entire edge. I think this is seriously just dumb. Three holes in a piece of paper makes perfect sense; one on each side and one in the middle. Two holes makes the paper wiggle all over and four holes... I don't know.

Another paper complaint while I'm at it. They make the kids use graph paper for math. Not just graph work, but for any math. They aren't supposed to write numbers in each of the squares either. I have no idea why. Denmark did it too. Writing on graph paper is hard because there are lines going everywhere... it's called graph paper for a reason. (Psst. It's used for GRAPHS!)

ENVELOPES: I have to fold my American standard business envelopes over a half an inch and tape it or else I pay five times as much. I finally bought German envelopes though because they scowled at me when I taped it right in front of them. (Of course Germans scowl at me all day long..)


小天 said...


Ingrid said...

Oh my....!!! This is funny and it is easy to understand your frustration!!! :-))) It actually looks like the American pillows are the same ones as the Swedish... I guess IKEA has adjusted there sizes to the country they have the store. Otherwise maybe IKEA could have as an target to do an all over the world IKEA sized bed system, so if you joined that one you could go anywhere in the world and find the right sizes.... What about that?
I think a Swedish pillow is 50x60 cm... but I don't know for sure :-) .
About papers we have another hole system in Sweden :-)))) , so it really seems like EVERY country have their own system... Stupid.
Regarding graph papers in math we do the same in Sweden. IF I know what you mean with graph paper. In Swedish it is called "sqaured paper". But in Sweden we are really supposted to write the numbers in the squares and it makes sence to me when doing addition, multiplication, subtraction and so on, that the right numbers get in line over each other, so I don't know what else would be better than that. Tell me! How do you do that in US?
Look forward to see you soon! Hugs.

Anonymous said...

Don't start me off about that graph paper nonsense. Mental!!!

I am going to ban them and take the ones we have and throw them in the river. THAT'S how much they offend me.


I think I have PMS today.

Z :)

PiNG aka Patti said...

You may want to remove that comment up above - I'm guessing it's just plain spam.

Anyhoo - I love picturing you defying the world to do your own thing. I want to be there when you do this stuff!


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