Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Catching up.... again.

I've been hanging out with my mom so I haven't been sitting at my computer much. :)

Last week went by pretty quick... Paul was gone in Florida. My mom and I have been hanging out. I took her to IKEA... of course. :) We bought some things to make curtains for the zillion windows in my home. My mom taught me how to use the sewing machine I got the girls for Christmas. :) So we've made lots of curtains and I know how to thread a bobbin. :) I feel so domestic! Maybe we will try to make sense out of those one of those patterns we have from Denmark and try to make a stuffed rabbit.

May 1st was a holiday so everything was closed. I heard May 1st is similar to Labor Day in the States... May 1st was cold and rainy and windy, so on May 2nd we went to the Planten Blomen park. It is the coolest park ever, and we only walked through 2/3rds of it. They have a huge playground for the kids to play on. It's a really cool park and might turn into a regular activity for our family. It would be a great place spend an entire day... if the day was warm and sunny. :) Our day was pretty warm and sunny though. It felt nice to be warm.

Today my mom and I went shopping and I actually got to try on clothes and actually BUY some! :) Usually I try on things and they don't fit and a kid starts to complain or cry or yell or all of the above... and I have to leave. Today Andrea slept while my mom pushed her around in the stroller in the store and I got to try on different sizes until I found the right one...

Danke Mom. :) We also ate Chinese Food. We ended up taking the wrong order because they didn't speak any English... ...and we weren't quite sure what we ordered anyways. We confused the entire place and messed things up for everyone in the middle of their lunch rush. BUT whatever we ate was good, and sorry to whosoever it was. :)

Here are some completely unrelated pictures because I feel like I haven't put any up for a while.
Here is the front foyer of the kids school. This was a ceremony they had to celebrate the new building. I couldn't believe what the school did for this. Waiters, Hired Babysitters, Fully catered. It was crazy! :) I'm sitting there in the hall and waiters are offering me drinks and snacks... Scotty and Andrea are having hamburgers and ice cream served to them while they bounce in a bouncy house and people are making them balloon animals. Michaela and Sierra are sucking helium out of balloons.

So. Here is my parenting question... ...AND I know everyone has sucked helium from balloons at some point in life. ...I let the girls do it. I had a quick talk with them about things that are bad to suck and helium isn't a natural thing to breath so they have to be careful. Make sure they breathe in lots of fresh air too, stop if you feel dizzy or sick. HOWEVER, I didn't tell them not to do it. It's a thing all kids do so why not just teach my kids to do it safely. We all know they would have ran off with their friends and did it anyways of course. :) I can't control what they do, just make sure they do whatever it is that they are going to do safely. Hmmmm.... I guess it wasn't a question afterall... just me justifying why I allowed my kids to suck Helium. :)

Here is the stage at the school. It's a full stage with curtains and lights and microphones. Reminds me of High School Musical. :) Sierra is in the Choir and they sang a song at this event. Scotty also "sang" on this stage but I really need the pictures to tell that whole story... :) Later.

Here is Poozly by the flowers... with her floppy hair that she quickly yanks any hair clip out of. The flowers say I S H. International School of Hamburg. I just realized that in our last school's name, ISAa... the Aa stood for Aarhus. I always wondered why there was a big "A" and a little one. :)

So here is Scott Happy. SH. :) Get it? It's taken some time to make Scotty accept that he has both a middle name and last name. :) Now he likes his initials and writes them everywhere...

Kids at the zoo... way back on Easter. Three sisters. :)

Scotty eats this for breakfast. Cracks me up! We call it bornehaven bread... I was amazed when he ate just the bread with butter, but now he likes liverpaste on it AND CUCUMBERS! Our family just smiles at each other when we see him eat it. The bread is super healthy so I am trying to feed it to Andrea too... Michaela and Sierra say, "No way".


Anonymous said...

great pictures! Like your school!
ISAa.. the Aa stands for Aarhus.. the first two letters of the city name... Finally I get to teach you something!
spring has turn into winter here again.. cold and grey :-(


PiNG aka Patti said...

I hate to be the one to have to tell you this but... it's official, your Scotty is a DANE!

Ingrid said...

I love to come here today and see everything that I have missed. Look forward to spend some time here and see what is going on around you. Where shall I start to comment...
Okey, WOW another GOOD thing you got from the Danish børnehave :-), the superhealthy bread. I am sure you can learn Andrea to eat it if you are stubborn. My kids like "dark" bread but not the one with all those grain. I wish they should have learned that during our time here, but not.
The party at your school was REALLY something! And so nice with the flowers and fun with the SH for Scotty :) .
Good for you to have your mum over and to get new clothes, learning how to sew and going out for lunch!
That Planten Blomen park sounds great. We want to go there next time we visit, if the church isn't open of course ;-))) !
I think the girls will survive the Helium! Don't worry, they don't do it every day, so that is just a funny thing to have tried.
Off to your next text....


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