Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bye Mom!

My mom left today... On her Mother's Day she gets to travel for the entire 24 hours. Happy Mother's Day mom! I hope her journey is easy. I dropped her off on the train and instructed someone to help her with her H E A V Y suitcase. Geez... I wonder what she put in that thing? :)

I came home and went back to bed... since it was, after all, Mother's Day. :) I slept for a while and then realized everyone was waiting for me to wake up to eat breakfast. :) So I finally got up and ate the yummiest breakfast sandwich ever. It consisted of a english muffin with extra butter, a not too fried egg, extra crispy bacon, and a piece of kraft like processed cheese, and some Danish Hellman's MayonNaise. :) Oh, and a side of crispy fried potatoes. Might not have been the healthiest breakfast, but it sure was yummy!

Then they gave me presents... along with flowers and strawberry cake which we ate for lunch. :) I got some AMERICAN RED licorice and a nice yellow shirt and two necklaces! Although I would have been perfectly happy with handmade bead necklaces my new necklaces were nice ones. :) Thanks everyone.

...and the whole time my poor mom was traveling.... I secretly wish the volcano exploded again but I'm sure after all that time away from home she was ready to go back to sunny warm California.


Mads and Kelli said...

sounds like the perfect Mother's day!

Ingrid said...

You were sure worth it all! You are a great mum!
I am curious about the flower bushes in your garden (that I think is rhododendro). Are they blooming now? If so, can we see a picture?


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