Sunday, April 3, 2011

April Fools Day

I'm sorry to disappoint this year. I didn't try and do anything mean on the blog, but I was too busy and more worried about trying to pull off tricking my kids.

I've seriously used up every super awesome trick I had and this year I went to bed on March 31st NOT knowing how I was going to trick my kids the next day. It was a little stressful!

I decided to trick Scotty with plastic, fake food in his lunch like I did to Sierra once. Scotty was not impressed. He was irritated at me because, "I used a minute up of his eating time." Sorry Scott. :)

I was really quite stressed about dinner. I ALWAYS make food that really isn't what it looks like. I was so desperate I searched online for hours about what I could do to my poor kids. I really had done everything I read about. :(

Then I came up with a great idea. Candy Hot Dogs. :)

I got the Danish hot dog buns that are like long cups... I filled them with candy and put a small piece of hot dog in the top. :)

I had envisioned the kids finding the candy and dumping it out onto their plates and THEN eating it, but they actually left the candy in the bun and ate it with the bread... just like it was a regular hot dog. Ewww..... I didn't think tic-tacs, pez, smarties, baby m&ms, gummy bears, and nerds would taste very good with the bread.

I also colored some water red and they thought it was kool-aid.

The kool-aid trick made Scotty 10% happy.
The hot dog trick made Scotty 100% happy.

Scotty is learning about percentages in class and so he always tells me what percentage happy something makes him... :)

For anyone wanting to trick their kids: If something looks yummy and sugar filled and ends up being boring and healthy it's not as fun as if it's the other way around. :)

So we ate candy hot dogs and drank red water. Paul missed out, he was away... :(

Sierra tricked Michaela by ringing the doorbell and making her get it. Sierra also made an "fried egg" out of melting a piece of cheese. :) I'm creating little monsters. :)

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franziengland said...

You made it! Maybe you came up with the idea the last minute, but the only thing that counts is the result and that was brilliant (as always). Well done!
I can't believe Scotty is already doing % in school! I am really impressed! He is as smart as his sisters! GO Scotty!


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