Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Pictures

Our newest addition to our Easter Decorations... I think they are cute... especially that big dopey looking one.

Poozie on a swing.

Sierra and Michaela got Easter Bike baskets from that super thoughtful little bunny. I'll write about their new bikes later!

Michaela is super creative. Here is her... all purple egg.

Andrea and her new little pink bunny that moves and makes adorable little sounds.

I wish I was a cute little pink bunny so she'd look at me like that... :)

Mommy draws a bunny, she colors it in... way better than subjecting your kitchen to five brightly colored cups of evil staining liquid.

Poozie's favorite. Kinder Eggs... which by the way are going for $20.00 on ebay since they are super illegal in the States. Who wants to be my business partner?

No, she's not sleeping... she's pouting. She's my special child.

Did Scotty get an iPod for Easter? NO. He got a game worth a dollar and he was ecstatic! (Angry Birds Rio if you're wondering...)

Shelly whipped these up in the kitchen for us. HA! She did order in German though... just as impressive. :)

I was stalling the kids and gave them crayons and hard boiled eggs and Sierra made some really cute ones! She preferred to color them, fine with me! Less Mess!

When we were done decorating eggs we had a grand total of 37 hard boiled eggs. Super. We have managed to eat a whopping total of six in the last week.

Scotty is awesome because he found a GOLD egg with two Euros in it! He said he will buy ice cream with it in 15 days because he wants to save it too.

Here are all the American kids that made our Easter egg hunt fun. Last year we really didn't know any of them.... so it's been a productive year.

Poozie had a great time. She's a good little egg finder.


Michaela said...

Before the Easter egg hunt we trained Andrea in the kid room. We hid about ten eggs and she'd find maybe two of them.

PiNG aka Patti said...

I can't believe how big Andrea is getting!

franziengland said...

I love the egg hunts you do! We only hide one each, we are so modest in Sweden. Boring! :)
Didn't you go to some public American egg hunt last year?
The bunnie family is really cute!
So the reason for Kinder Eggs to be forbidden in US.... is the small pieces?
No problem for you that you only ate 6/37 eggs, since you don't think it is a problem to save boiled eggs forever ;) .

infoalltype said...

Really very cute pictures to see..


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