Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Vacation Report: Munich

Here Michaela!!!!!

It was during this holiday that I realized I am officially "done" seeing European cities. I have zero interest in it anymore. The cities are not bad and I'm not complaining... I just think I'm done seeing the "BIG" European cities. I'd rather hang out on a beach for a week or go camping or stay on a lake. that's what I think I'll be promoting for upcoming vacations. :) Sound good Happy?

...and yes, we were supposed to go see friends in England this month. However, these two people are getting married in London... Will and Kate plus the Eight Million people who would be involved. :) It would have been insanely crazy there and Paul ended up having to work in Vienna so we had to postpone our England trip and tag along with Paul to Vienna. -Sorry Ingrid :(

On the way to Vienna we stopped off in Munich for a few days. We went to the Deutsche Museum which Paul has wanted to visit since the first day we came to Europe. We spent an entire day at the museum and didn't even see it all. It was HUGE and Andrea had had enough, and the sweet little angel let us know in her own little special way. (crying, flailing, kicking, spewing venom, etc...)It's 10:30 on the sun clock! It worked!
We watched a high voltage show. CRAZY LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That night we tried to come up with something to do in Munich the next day and realized we didn't want to see the "sights". :) We went to Olympic Park, ate some crepes, took a little train ride, played putt-putt, and paid way too much money to see a small aquarium. We laid in the sun and fed the ducks pretzels which we kept buying from a vending machine. :) I enjoyed the sun and was happy to lay there all day... so we did.

We opted to leave Munich a day early (I told you we are bored of cities.) On our last day we woke up, went to a giant toy store where DADDY thought it was a Christmas Free For All. :) Then we drove four hours to Vienna a car FULL of cute (read as: overpriced) German toys.

Look. I feed my kids veggies for snacks.

...and because this blog has turned into a "journal" for me which I will someday spend hundreds of dollars to print.... I have to write about this. :)

After we played putt-putt, which by the way... you weren't allowed to walk on the course. You had to stand off the side and we saw several other miniature golf courses and they were the same... weird. :)

Anyways, we were walking out of the putt-putt course and we saw an elderly lady who had fallen over and had landed on her face? and was bleeding all over the place. I had a first aid kit so I ran over somewhat happy to have use for the big thing I lug around everywhere, but my first aid kit was useless. (Note to self: get better supplies in my first aid kit... 18 sizes of band-aids with varying cartoon characters on them are not all that useful in an actual emergency.)

However, I did have diapers to use to stop the bleeding. This poor woman went through several diapers as I sat there throughly irritated with my German. I was terrible. I couldn't talk to her very well. I could tell her about my family "Ich habe vier kinder, Haben Sie kinder?"... which, maybe entertained her, but all I could think of is my grandmas and that I'd NEVEr want them to be in this situation. So we sat there with her until the ambulance arrived. I just held her arm and tried to talk to her... in my PATHETIC German.

I was happy my kids saw Paul and I help her though. Happy smashed our ice bottle up and we used our pocket knife to cut the bottle open and get the ice to make an ice pack with Kleenex; that mixed with the diapers... I think we really helped her... The kids were scared I think, it was kinda stressful... but I hope my kids took away some lesson from the entire event. They asked about her later, I'm sure she's fine, but I just wanted to go home and hug both my grandmas.


michaela said...

But Mom DID forget about Bratislava and about the mean guy driving the little train who TOLD US that we were going somewhere but TOOK US somewhere else in his train with a screaming Andrea and a couple mean people.

Archaeogoddess said...

One hundred thousand cool points for saving someone's Grandma! If I fell on my face, I would rather be helped by someone who didn't speak a word of English than be left bleeding by myself. Sympathetic murmurs in a foreign tongue and a diaper filled with ice would make me feel loads better!

And poop on the mean people in the little train. Poop on mean people in general!

Nana said...

Love, Love, Love the pictures!!! You teach your kids lessons every day! Way to go! Oh, and I will hug your one grandma for you tomorrow.

franziengland said...

Hi, I'm glad you went there ending up being such heros instead of coming over here! I totally agree with the other ones, just being there was probably absolutely fantastic and helpful for her.
The photos are SO nice, it seems to me like Andrea is getting more and more to look like Sierra...
I agree, you have done the big cities, go for a warm and nice beach vacation (Århus wouldn't be to bad right now ;) ) and then come on over here and we will show you the English countryside.
We leave for a short trip with my parents early tomorrow morning, so I need to hurry packing the last things. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


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