Sunday, April 3, 2011

Recycle Queen

This is just for Ingrid... Not German Ingrid in California, but Swedish Ingrid in England... :) (I'll do one just for you later German Ingrid...)

I have started recycling ...everything!! :)

They do have glass and paper bins along the side of some roads, but then you have to squish your paper into a tiny hole which drives me insane because my hands freeze before I'm half way done. I have been driving 15 minutes out of my way so I can go to the recycling center and throw my paper and glass in the appropriate dumpsters.

I have been very good at recycling paper and glass, but that's it. I haven't recycled plastic anythings... However, I don't ever use disposable paper plates, cups or utensils so I figured I was about even. :)

BUT I had a my American neighbor over and she told me about these great yellow bags you can fill with all your plastic recyclables and someone will come pick them up every two weeks. I thought I'd try it because I AM going through five liters of recyclable milk containers a day, and my plan was to just do milk and juice containers... and it sounded easy enough.

Then I went to a friends house and saw that their entire garbage can was for recycling and they had a smaller one for the "non recyclables". I doubted it would work, but I tried.

I put a big yellow plastic recyclable bag in our main trash can and started yelling at everyone every time they put regular garbage in it. Sierra made me a sign to help. :) (It's not broccoli, it's a tree)

It worked! I was surprised that I have such a small amount of "trash". ...mostly food and diapers. :)

Then I asked the lady downstairs to help me order a paper recycling container so I don't have to haul that anywhere either! WHOO HOOO! I told you I'm a recycling QUEEN!

I have even changed our small downstairs bathroom into the "Recycling Center" of the house. I keep all the paper and plastic bags in there until it's time to take them to the curb. It's not as bad as loading it all in my car. Now the only thing I need to take into the recycling center is glass, and I can handle that. :)

So Ingrid? Are you super proud of me??! You should come over and we'll go out to dinner to celebrate how environmentally friendly I am.

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franziengland said...

WOW Tara, yes I am SUPERDUPERVERY PROUD of you!! It is really worth sacrificing "my" toilet in your house, ha ha. A big hand for Sierra coaching you.
In Germany they are really good at recycling, they are not over here, but I still do my best :) ! I bring my recycling stuff every time I go shopping since at that parking I can throw it away. From now on you can call yourself EcoTara. I would love to celebrate this with you....Big hug!


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