Saturday, April 30, 2011

Vacation Report: Slovakia

Slovakian Cheeseburger. Cheers to Bratislava!!!



Bratislava Castle.
Okay... I did NOT want to see this castle. I wanted to go to some castle ruins somewhere and some snakey train driving guy lied to me and told me we were going somewhere we were going to the ruins and we ended up here... at Bratislava castle. :) It was fine though, we got to ride a train and Poozie Loves Trains.

This is Michaela desperately trying to connect to the WiFi. She's getting pretty good with computers so if anyone could do it she could, but she couldn't. :)

From the Danube river boat.

Best Lunch ever. :)

Bratislava, which as Michaela knows is the capital of Slovakia, was small. It wasn't as extravagant or architecturally impressive as other cities we've seen. That was a nice way of saying "ghetto" wasn't it? :) It was great for the kids and I to do on our own. We ate at a McDonalds on the main square and fed pigeons and listened to a one-man-band. It was easy and for a mom traveling to an even more foreign country, easy is good. The highlight for the kids was probably the boat ride on the Danube River.

My favorite part was talking to all the American tourists who were being nice to my kids and me.


Michaela said...

I COULD connect to the internet but SOMEONE didn't want me to give my email address and password. That's why I made a new email for things like this. XD

franziengland said...

WHO else has been to Slovakia?? Noone! Cool! And you went there yourself with four kids. Twice as cool!


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