Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sushi Sundays

Our family is going through a Sushi phase.

We even involved Scotty's friend who also loves sushi. (PS. Scotty is the only one who does NOT eat sushi. We even tried to make hot dog sushi for him... nope)

We've made sushi a few times now (on Sundays) and we are getting pretty good at it. :)

We have even found a "Sushi Bar" that we call the Sushi Train because the sushi goes around on little plates that are on a little conveyor belt. It's cute... and yummy. :)

Happy is the only one who eats the slobbery sushi, the rest of us are happy with fake crab, avocados, and cucumbers. :) It's cute that the girls like it so much, maybe due to their "international life"... I can't image eating sushi in our little town of Tracy, California.

Are there any "Sushi Trains" in Tracy yet mom?


Nana said...

Michael also likes sushi. He says the Tracy ones aren't that good but the ones in the bay area are. I agree...no slimy sushi! Looks fun.

Kelli Nørgaard said...

You guys are AWESOME!!
The fact that your kiddoes are doing this is just TOOOO cool! Just reconfirms that you are Mother Superior...in the non-Catholic way! :-)

franziengland said...

I LOVE suchi, and so does Linnéa & R, but not M & J. But I have never dared to try doing it myself yet. Well done! We have a chain called YO! here that does those sushi train servings. Even the ones who doesn't like sushi likes to go there :) .

Lisa said...

Good sushi in Brentwood! They have a train one in Emeryville. Kraig like the sashimi.


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