Friday, April 8, 2011

Go to School Drunk Day

It was the last day of school for all the seniors at school yesterday... they now have a couple of months to "study" then they come back and take some tests.

So of course their last day of school (Thursday) was a big party. The school hosted a catered dinner for them that night; complete with wine and champagne. :)

Here in Germany the drinking laws are interesting...
- Age 14: You can drink if your parents buy it for you and if they are there when you drink it.
- Age 16: You can buy and drink beer and wine.
- Age 18: You can buy and drink whatever you want.

Sure, the school just fed kids alcohol, but this isn't the crazy part.

After the school-hosted-dinner these teenagers are then released out into Hamburg ...and off they go to the Reeperbahn. I'll just let you google Reeperbahn to get the full description. The kids are now on their own to party all night long...

P.S. My senior year of high school we went to Disneyland all night and ate churros and chicken nuggets. We rode it's a small world and took our picture with Mickey Mouse.

Anyways, we haven't gotten to the crazy part yet.

The following morning the kids, who have been out all night long drinking, return to school with the rest of the sober students who are going to class. Now you have loud, hung over teenagers acting stupid, "cool", and obnoxious in the sames halls that my kindergartner is going through.

It was pretty dumb. I don't get it. I'm just glad Michaela has a few more years before I have to tell her that there is no way on earth she's going to the Reeperbahn. :)


Kelli Nørgaard said...

No matter how long I live here, I will never get used to the keggers arriving at the school for the school parties......

franziengland said...

I agree, why did they have to show up the day after...??? I wouldn't let Linnéa hang in Reperbahn either.
People are formally allowed to start drinking much earlier here in England compared to Sweden too. But of course the law is one thing, reality another. Lots of teenagers in Sweden drink long before they are allowed too.
Hopefully you have left Hamburg, when it is time for M to graduate. Maybe you can tell me in an e-mail what policy our friends had for their oldest? It's easy to say when the children are young that they will not be able to do lots of things. When you are there, you'll have to start compromising, since you realize you can't say no to everything you would like too. At least I think that is how I feel right now...


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