Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pine Nut Lesson

Where do pine nuts come from?


I bought this pine cone in a grocery store and translated the directions. Then I bought another one for a friend here and even mailed one to a friend in the States because I thought it was super cool!

You are supposed to wash it in warm water and then set it by a radiator where it will stay warm ...not ON the radiator because when you do that it gets too warm and the little "leaves" start popping off the bottom.

So it's been a few weeks and my little pine cone finally opened up. See the picture? When I bought it it was closed completely... but now it's open with the little "leaves" opening up and folding out. :)

When it opened I pulled a pine nut out. It was in a little pine nut shell. So CUTE! The shell opened easily because I think it had dried out... but then the pine nut inside was moldy and gross looking... oh well. I had envisioned shelling out pretty beige pine nuts, just like in the store. Nope, it was moldy and yucky... but the idea in theory was super cute and it amused me for a good three weeks. So I still liked it.

I think I'll buy another one and try it again. Maybe I got a bad cone...



Kelli Nørgaard said...

This blog is soooo educational!! :-) I truly had NO idea!!

C and H Romenesko said...

I followed your instructions and it started to look promising. The leaves were starting to open and I could see these dark shells that I assumed help cute beige pine nuts. Hmmm, we couldn't open the dark shells. So, I have it incubating a bit more. We'll see.

Danke! I'm so glad that you're willing to try things and tell us about them....I made Chuck do the 'hard' stuff in Europe...I was too much of a chicken!

franziengland said...

I actually didn't have a clue, and I am not sure about if I fully understand yet... I hope you can show me more in a few days :) . Yippie!!!

Anonymous said...

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