Monday, March 1, 2010

First Day of School!!

School started today for Scotty and Sierra. My 11 year old is off in England somewhere having the time of her little life with all of her closest friends. I drove with her from Germany to Denmark on Sunday and Monday morning she caught the first flight to England. :)

I miss her... we all do. I know Sierra wanted to tell her about her first day of school this afternoon. Scotty needed her to help him with the "really hard part" on the wii. ...and Andrea gets so excited when she sees her big sisters I can't help but think that her terrible mood tonight was due to missing her big sister, KE.

However this morning I was happy to just get two kids set up at school. I was at the school for THREE hours getting things arranged, not sure why... We showed up early at 8:10... after a nice 20 minute walk in the rain. School starts at 8:30 and Sierra started class easily enough, when her class came walking up the hall and saw her they all ran to her yelling, "SIERRA". :) Then a boy came up, shook her hand, and said "nice to meet you". :) She was feeling pretty good about the day after that. She had been a little nervous I think.

Then we had Scott's "interview" at 9:00. He was cute enough during it and shyly answered all the questions he was asked. :) I do admit to being a bit worried about if Scotty would choose to throw a monster fit in the office about something and get kicked out before he started. :)

Interview lasted 30 minutes or so, we got to the new classroom around 10:00... snack time. I was pleased that I had a granola bar in my backpack as a snack for Scotty. I had to buy his lunch from the cafeteria, get his big coat from upstairs, change a poopy diaper... and before I knew it it was 11:00 and I was finally leaving! (only to return a half hour later with things the kids still needed.)

Scotty wasn't actually supposed to start today, but during the interview the headmaster guy asked him if he wanted to and he said yes! So we went to the classroom and he was thrilled beyond words. He had the biggest smile when he saw the kids all gathered around the calender, which is one of his favorite things in our house, he loves to know what day it is and what is coming up... He just smiled and jumped. :) - Oh, and on the way to school Scotty said to me, "Make sure you tell the teacher to tell me how to do things. YOU tell her so I know how to do things." It was much cuter coming from him as he jumped from puddle to puddle in his snowsuit carrying his little inside out umbrella on the way to school. :)

Since I didn't plan on Scotty staying I had to go to the cafeteria and buy him a lunch. Then I went home to get him shoes for gym. Had to be tennis shoes without black soles. Guess what? I only own black soled shoes for the little boy who jumps in mud puddles. I had one pair of dress shoes that were probably two sizes too big, they had brown soles so I brought them back to the school. :) Going back to school meant I could also drop off Sierra's indoor shoes and pencil case she had forgot in the stroller. It was just a LONG morning rewarded by.... coming home and having Andrea take a nap for a whopping 60 minutes. I was able to clean the kitchen in perfect silence. Ahhhhh..... (sad what makes me happy nowadays...).

SO - I LOVE THE SCHOOL. It's very American. :) Scotty will start learning to read and do math. Sierra already has some homework with due dates that she is anxious to meet in order to impress her teacher, who is so bubbly and outgoing and enthusiastic.

The school makes me happy. So far. :) Who knows, I could be complaining and wanting to go back to Denmark in a few weeks. :) I can be pretty moody you know!

Really... sorry it's so boring without pictures. Soon, I will try my best. I've just been a little busy here. Moving countries take a bit of effort... especially when there are four kids involved!


Ingrid said...

I am impressed you only have a few boxes left! I still have that after two years living in this house...
Advanced to interview a 4 year old boy. But I guess this interview don't decide weather you get a place in the school or not. Hopefully... :)
We look forward to come and visit your school and to see some photos here on the blog.

Mads and Kelli said...

Sounds like everything is falling into place as it should! I am so glad! And you said you were meeting a friend at IKEA so that means you are already building a network for you too!! YEAH!


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