Monday, March 29, 2010

IN the Hedge.

We have a ten foot "hedge" around our yard. It's a great place for the kids to crawl into and play, especially since it's all fenced in so they can just run free. The boy loves it. I sent them in the "bush" today with a rake and they cleared themselves a path to walk along. Even Andrea tagged along. Andrea totally loves her big brother and sisters... she follows them as fast as she can... wherever they go. :)

We got out the bubble maker today. Andrea, of course, loves bubbles. She wanted to hug and carry the bubble blower everywhere... and in the end I think she tipped it over and bubble juice got into the motor. :( So I think she killed it... We'll dry it out and see. I'm sure Germany has another for sale somewhere... Germany is cool like that. :)

No signs of any rodent or avian fatalities today. :) Someone wrote a comment about a "face scanner" on the cat door that will scan to see if there is a mouse in the cat's mouth before unlocking the door? Sounds NASA-like... and expensive. I tried to google it, but all I come up with is CAT Scans... So Mr. Anonymous, please tell more. I might be be willing to pay the thousands it would cost. ...or maybe I'm just gullible. :)

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Cat scanner


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