Tuesday, March 23, 2010


How sad I am without my Skype phone. With my super skype phone I could call the US and Canada ALL I wanted for $4.00 a month. AND... everyone could call me just as if they were dialing a US number.

We have seriously been trying to get the internet ever since Paul arrived and he got here a month before us!! Maybe we are missing a key step in the process... and it doesn't help the process is carried out in German, but we are getting nowhere. I take that back. We have a phone line.

I realize that I do have internet or I couldn't be online typing this... We have one room in the house that will "borrow" internet from the neighbor; but for skype to work I guess we have to plug the phone into something... something that we don't have yet. A router maybe? I'm SO not the one in charge of this... The one in charge of this has been all over the world for the past three weeks. Now he is in Copenhagen and comes home on Friday.

This Friday is also the start of Spring Break here. It is THREE WEEKS LONG!!! We still haven't figured out what we are doing. Our choices are:
- Drive to Holland to see the tulips.
- Fly to Pisa to see that cool leaning tower and eat ice cream.
- Hang out in Hamburg and "get to know" our new town.
- Spain. I added this one today, there are some cheap all inclusive beach deals in Barcelona.

My parents are coming to visit next month so we also have to make sure we get the Guest Room, currently known as the "Cold Room", up and running. It needs a bed for starters! :)

The kids are doing great in school. They really love it, especially Scotty! He is drawing these detailed pictures now where he never drew anything before. He is writing random math problems down and writing the alphabet over and over again. He tells me what all the words start with. He sings the songs from his music class and wants to show me how fast his gym shoes make him run. :) He is really enjoying it and never complains about going!

Michaela went to a friends house yesterday so that made us both happy. She starts soccer this week and tennis after the Spring Break. Her classes are much harder than at ISAa and she's having homework even! :) She is still checking out five library books at a time from the library and gets a new batch every few days. This library will save me millions!!

The saved millions I can spend on her clothes because, believe it or not, Michaela keeps outgrowing clothes! ...and my young daughter has developed expensive tastes. I draw the line at 50 euro T-shirts though. :) I can remember what being a girl was like though, so Michaela should appreciate that and appreciate that I do understand. I'm the cool mom remember. But not too cool, I don't want to be the mom who tries to be cool. Then I'd just be the annoying wanna be cool mom. :)

I remember Keds. Keds were plain white shoes, but they had a blue "Keds" patch on the back. My MOM wanted to buy me the $5.00 identical white shoes... I wanted the "Keds" patch on the back. I don't remember how much "real Keds" cost. I think I ended up getting "Keds"... spoiled brat. I'm lucky, Michaela is pretty reasonable when it comes to things like that, but I don't think she would have got the "Real Keds" out of me. :)

Anyways... Sierra has joined the choir and has a performance coming up... I had to get her a school shirt to wear to it. :) She is in the drama club which I think is... nice. :) She has a week long trip to an outdoor "science camp" as soon as they get back from Spring Break. She is so excited about this and asks me to pack everyday. She says packing is the best part! Good thing my little world traveler likes to pack! She starts a rock climbing class at school after the Spring Break too..

Andrea is having fun hanging out with me at home. She plays with toys all day because when the rest of the herd comes home she just chases after them and tries to be included in their video games, movies, homework, etc... Picking up KE and RARA and Scotty from school is the highlight of her day by far. She will always drop what she's doing and run for the door when I ask her if she's ready to go get them. :) I've met a few moms that have little ones too, so we'll get her some friends to play with soon...

Little Poozie is sick right now though. :( She just has a fever and feels "blah". I give her some Tylenol and she poozles about a while until it wears off and then she is blah again. :( To make this worse my last four bottles are broken. The nipples have all ripped on the edge so they leak. I'm not sure why they all ripped within a week of each other but I'm not buying more so we are done with bottles. I threw them all out. :( Then I tried to buy a sippy cup but couldn't find any good ones. I don't want one that's like a bottle. I want a regular ole' sippy cup. I'll keep looking, there's another baby store at the mall.

OUUU the mall. The mall here just doubled in size. It's a huge place now and it's really just a few minutes from my house. How cool is that!! Aren't you excited Happy?? Michaela and I went shopping today and checked out all the new stores. My plan is to ditch everyone and go this weekend so Daddy can have some quality time with the kids. :)

Well that was a lot of typing. Oh, and I'm getting a new dishwasher on Thursday. YAY! I'm so excited. The one we have now is really just a "Dish Wetter", it doesn't wash anything.

Okay, I'm done now and headed to bed. OH, It's finally warm. Today it was borderline hot. Not really... it was around 20. But if you have lived in below freezing temperatures for months than 20 is reason to celebrate. If Andrea felt better I would have packed up the kids and headed to town for ice cream!

Now I'm done. OH WAIT. :) Yesterday I had to go to a school meeting... so I left the kids here and checked with the woman downstairs to make sure she'd be here for the whole 60 minutes I was gone. The kids were told to email me every 20 minutes with an update.
First update: Andrea had the biggest poo ever!!!!!!!!! We changed it so can we have candy? :) I said yes.
Second update: MOUSE IN THE HOUSE!!! :) Cat door was installed yesterday, they already brought in a mouse. A live, fully active mouse...

So I came home to find some children sitting up high on stools and chairs playing video games. They had few suggestions to where they thought the "lost" mouse was. I got Velcro (our cat) and made him find the mouse for me and somehow, by PURE LUCK... I caught the fastest mouse on the planet. Dumb cats...

Okay, now I'm done and headed to bed. See what happens when I don't have a phone to talk to anyone on...

...and I'm NOT proofreading this. :)


Corrine said...

I am so glad for the update!!! We really do need a phone!!! See you soon!!!

Anonymous said...

All sounds really good! Am so glad for yous xxxx

EEEK re: mouse!

Z :)

Ingrid said...

Hi, I want to comment on everything...
I am really happy for Scotty, but also impressed of how good he is doing. He must really develope a lot right now. Fantastic!
Fun to hear how Andrea is starting to talk and how sweet it is to hear them try to say their sibblings names.
My recommendation for the break is Barcelona and hang around Hamburg. You have been to Pisa already and I think it is too early in the season to go to Holland and besides that it is so close that you could do that another time at a shorter break. But all of it sounds like great fun!
Everybody warns me about how hard the school will be for my children next year and you say it is much harder for M, but as long as she has time to read all those books, I am comfortable :-) . What are M actually doing in school right now, please write about that when you have time.
Sierra the fashion girl :-) . Malin miss her and M a lot over here. Malin has actually told me that Sierra thinks packing is the best thing to do, so I am not surprised at all of that fact. Drama group sounds perfect for her! Do you pay extra for the girls activities? Do they have activities for Scotty too? In England they don't have activities for Johans age. Sadly.
Luckily it's getting warmer over here too. Great!
Did Andrea really pooed, or were they just smart to get some candy :-)) . Hope she is soon getting better and WELL DONE of you catching that mouse. What shouldn't an abroad mom be able to handle??!!! Hugs!

PiNG aka Patti said...

I'm worn out after reading that but you definitely sound happy and I'm glad things are going well :)

Michaela said...

And i was cross country running today in that hot sun.


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