Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Second Squeaky Friend

Day Two of having a cat door in full operation.

Day Two of having a live and FULLY ACTIVE mouse in the house.

Our cats have always had "in-n-out" privileges. This eliminates the need for a yucky litter box which I can't understand why anyone would want in their home. Ewwwww-ey. It's taken us this entire month to figure out where to put our cat door because our "apartment-house" is the TOP two floors of a quite large house. We didn't know how the cats could get down without breaking a paw... We thought about one of the two balconies... but then how do they get on/off the balcony? Would a ramp up the side of the house look a little tacky?

Trust that it's been a big source of stress for me since I refuse to do the cat litter thing for much longer. Especially since Andrea has recently found it and thinks it is sandbox. WAY GROSS!!!

We decided to "take a window out" at the bottom of the staircase leading UP to our first floor. "take a window out" means "smash it with a hammer". This window is on the ground floor but has a pretty tricky jump involved since it opens out over the basement staircase going down... apparently it's not that tricky if those dumb cats can do it with a squiggly mouse in their mouth.

So Paul installed this cat door Sunday. The furballs figured out how to work it on Monday. I've captured a mouse on both Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm not sure what I'll do when I see that they have brought one of those cute red tree squirrels inside. Guess I should find the animal control number before I need it. :)

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