Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Smart Monster

I had my first parent/teacher conference this afternoon with Scotty's teacher.

He's smart! AND It's my right as a parent to brag about it on MY blog.

His teacher said he was the only one to know all his letters... both uppercase and lowercase; AND he was the only one who could count past 100. He can write his name beautifully and is a joy in class. Okay, I threw that last part in there. He is getting used to structure and rules, but all in all he rocks. :)

I still wonder where he learned all this from... I never taught him all his letters. I know he got all the numbers as we rode the buses during his entire first year in Denmark. We always watched and waited for the right bus number. :)

He's the fifth youngest in the class but my little monster is smart! YAY! :)


Anonymous said...

It was me. That time when you were in the kitchen making the nutella wraps...I quickly taught Scottie his alphabet and numbers. Then I told him to keep it quiet until he got to Germany, as the super-talent would have been wasted here.

Z ;)

Ingrid said...

I love Z's comment ;-)) !
I think it is the supergreat Danish børnehave that all of you have underestimated, ha ha. They learn things from playing too you know :-)) .
I said that earlier this week, that I was really surprised about how smart he is and now you got that comfirmed from the professional teachers. Lovely!
I seriously think it is the amazing and hard working mom who
made the difference. Well done!
This must be way better than a German kindergarten.

Mads and Kelli said...

Yeah for the "eneste dreng"!!! With all those sisters doing such cute things, he had to prove he was the "bestest"! :o)

I can only imagine how proud you were sitting there hearing those things about your little guy!

Michaela said...

I would like to remind everyone about something. Age has almost nothing to do with ability. When I say almost I mean 0.2%


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