Thursday, March 4, 2010

leaving DK pictures...

Andrea helping me unpack. :)

Our house in Denmark... all boxed up.

Confused cat.

Tired little girl...

...who was not in the mood to move.

I usually take pictures with my good camera... but for taking pictures of the condition of the houses we are arriving into and leaving, I'm using my "not as good" camera. However I can't seem to get the pictures off of the good camera with all my kid and fun pictures on it... so here are some pictures I took from the "not as good" camera while taking pictures of scratches on walls and dents in the floor.

The "not as good" camera is in England right now with Michaela so I can't run around taking pictures to show to post my promised pictures.... Perhaps MY HUSBAND WILL HELP ME!

I did get the web cam to work and took my mom, and the laptop, on a tour of the downstairs. :)

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