Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Michaela is home! WHOO HOO

Michaela has returned!! She had a great time on her trip to England (of course), and I was happy to get her home... especially after a big snow storm delayed their Friday evening flight home by an entire day causing all of them to SUFFER through a night at the Hilton. :)

I had left Germany Saturday morning and drove up with Sierra though our own snow storm on our way to get Michaela. I couldn't believe how much snow fell through the night, and right after it was nearly all melted. :( I'm so tired of snow. It's been over three months now and I just want to be warm.

The plan was to pick up Michaela from a friend but they were still stuck in England. :) By Saturday afternoon they were able to get a flight to Copenhagen and then most of the kids fit on a flight to Aarhus, a few were stuck taking the train... Once at the Aarhus airport they took a bus directly to the school where we picked them up from. I don't think the kids minded the canceled flights and personal buses but the grown ups that were chaperoning looked as if they'd seen better days. At least they made it home in one piece. :)

The three of stayed at our friends house that night so Sierra could have some time to play with her best Swedish friend from Denmark. :) We had a really nice time there and ate so many really yummy foods. Swedish food is good! :) Thanks to their whole family for being so great. My FAVORITE PART was watching the movie Spirit and having some really great snacks!! :)

Sunday I had to say good bye to our Loving Volvo as we dropped it off at Paul's work and took the five hour train back here to good ole' Germany.

Even our trip back home was plagued with Michaela's bad travel luck... After we arrived in Hamburg we transferred to the S-bahn to get to our house. I was feeling pretty proud I had maneuvered us through the HUGE hauptbahnhof station and actually found the right train to take us straight home. Turns out that OUR train stop was shut down for construction. If I understood German I would have undertsood that was what the train driver was telling me right before the train stopped right before our stop and started going backwards... all the way back to where we had come from. Yippie.

We got back off at the HUGE hauptbahnhof train station... right where we started. We didn't know what else to do so we just back on the same train and decided to walk once we got to the furthest stop or call Happy. I didn't really want to call Happy because that meant Andrea and Scotty would have to go out in the cold snow... so I decided to make my oldest two children suffer and walk. BUT we saw a bus that looked like it would go to our house. We hopped on and luckily it went right where we needed to go!

I will make Michaela write all about her trip. :) She came home with gifts for the family and Scotty hasn't left her side since she's been home. He really missed his big sister.

Despite a long day of traveling Michaela had to start school the next day (Monday). AND we had to go early so she could get her schedule and her locker, etc..

Monday was a success! Michaela loved it and I was happy to drop her off in a class full of other 11 year olds. The other girls in the class looked normal. I assessed them pretty quick... then I judged them based on their looks. :) AND If you say you don't do this then you are not telling the truth. :) They looked nice and normal. No crazy outfits or make up. No whispering and pointing... just smiling and waving and asking her questions about where she was from. P.S. We are cool because we are from California... just so everyone knows... :)

She liked her class. Her say was as fun as a school day could be. I think she will fit right in and like it here.

So until I start complaining, I love the school. :)

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PiNG aka Patti said...

You're getting very good at this public transportation stuff!


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