Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Green Day

I'd like to tell Germany that today was St. Patrick's Day. It doesn't appear that anyone here noticed. :) Not that it's a huge holiday or anything, but at least America tries to milk some decorations and cards out of the day. I didn't see anything here that was shamrock-y or leprechaun-ish... no pots of gold or green beer either. :) Perhaps I wouldn't have remembered either if it wasn't written on my American calender.

Like a good American mother I dressed my children in green... but had to make a green bracelet for Sierra who doesn't own anything green. :) At the school there were a few people running around in green, I was happy several of the boys in Scotty's class had green on though because this morning, as I was putting a green shirt on him, Scotty didn't believe that it was "Green Day" and that if he didn't wear green then people would tickle him. (I didn't want to mention PINCHING because my son doesn't need any new ideas...)

However, today was the best Germany day yet, only because it was warm! Sad that 10C (50F) is warm to me... but I guess that's a survival mechanism that kicked in a few months ago. Seriously, I've been surrounded by ice and snow for FOUR MONTHS and it's getting a bit tiring. If it snows again I will cry.

I guess it wasn't all good... Paul left us again. :( After a week in Bulgaria he is now in Romania. The only thing I know about Romania is that I saw them play in the World Cup many years ago when my dad took me. He bought me a Romania T-shirt. Maybe Paul will buy me a new Romania T-shirt... better make it a sweatshirt. I'll google Romania's weather later, but it sounds like a much warmer place. :)

...and here are this year's green dinner pictures. This is now an official tradition because when I mentioned I might not do it this year because I didn't FEEL LIKE IT.... :) The girls were both disappointed and Scotty didn't even know what we were talking about so I had to do it again, and I'll probably have to do it every year from now on. I"m running out of creative ways to "eat green" though. We had some of the same from last year: artichokes, green noodles... I think our new green items were unshelled pistachio nuts (HOLY COW these were expensive!!), green sour cream, green cheese sauce, green mayonnaise for the artichokes. :) The green mayo was a bit odd to look at, but when I use it to make tuna fish sandwiches for lunch tomorrow I bet it will look even worse!!!

Awwwww... This makes me smile. This is what I wrote about St. Patrick's Day for the past two years...

St. Patricks Day 2008
St. Patricks Day 2009


Anonymous said...

I have a stomach bug so I can't look at your green plate.

Happy That Color Day anyway :)

Z :)

Ingrid said...

Wow, I love all the green stuff. I actually haven't heard about this day before. At least I thought so. Malin mentioned it yesterday, that some of the children in school had been talking about it. Then I found out about it at your blogg and when I checked your post from last year, a far away memory came back in my head and I remember you wrote about it...
You should never ever stop the green meal! Isn't it hard enough to get the children to eat enough vegetable anyway?? So that is a supersmart tradition!
Sierra did have green clothes on..., maybe she borrowed it from M or maybe I didn't understand or maybe you ment Andrea. Who knows? You know :-) !
Have a nice weekend! Hugs!

Tara said...

Hi Ingrid! I FORCED Sierra to wear a green shirt just for the picture, it was Michaela's. :) Andrea just doesn't own a green shirt. I should have put her in one of Scotty's. :)

Miss you!!!


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