Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ride to school.

I know I was super excited about our house being so close to the school, BUT Andrea insists on walking everywhere herself. This morning it was raining slushy rain outside and I wasn't up to it because I am really cold. I've been cold for two weeks. :) (Oops, not supposed to complain about the fact the only warm room in the house is the bathroom where I am sitting right now).

Today I had to go to the grocery store and get the dry cleaning so I had to take the car out anyways... However, even driving them requires a long walk from the nearest parking lot. From the parking lot to the school would normally take 5 minutes, but it would be five minutes of Andrea crying and flailing about because she wants to walk.... not on the sidewalk, in the dirt and mud next to the sidewalk. So we let her walk and it took 15 minutes, less stressful though. :)

THE POINT of my writing: On the way to school Scotty said, "Mom, don't tell the teacher to tell me things because I already know them all." :) He said he knows where to put his name tag and his new gym shoes and rocket lunch box. I love the school even more because it's just like the preschool the girls have been in. The American teacher is so cool, she is so nice and friendly and laughs all the time. :) I left Scotty sitting at a table doing a worksheet. He was learning about the number three and was supposed to draw three pigs in the fence and write his name on the top of the paper. I CAN'T WAIT to see his pigs!!!! :)

Andrea's asleep so I'm off to try to organize the house... still. It's not going very quickly... I have a few more boxes I think. They are the ones that I open and then quickly close and move to another room because I don't know what to do with what is inside. Another IKEA shopping trip is planned with a friend on Friday. :)

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Ingrid said...

Hi, Great to hear how good your new school seems to be!! And I can't imagine how mature Scotty is. I still see him as a small guy. I think he will develope very fast during the coming months. Exciting!
Of course Sierra is popular! She is a funny, social and cute girl with lots of ideas. Great friend to spend some time with! Sounds good that the teachers are so engaged.
Malin and Johan also miss their sister. Malin sleeps in L's bed :) .


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