Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pay for Car Wash or Just Buy a New Car?

I saw this... and it made me think of something that happened over the weekend...

During my final hours in Denmark I got a car wash for the Loving Volvo.

Guess how much it cost at the drive through gas station car wash.

Keep in mind the Super Deluxe Wash in the States is $5.00, AND if you go to the special car wash store and they clean it inside and out, then it is $12.00.

Danish Gas Station Car Wash =

It's the same thing. Soap is sprayed. Big fluffy rollers come down. It gets rinsed. The same, if not LESS, things happen during the entire five minutes. It wasn't dried and nothing made my tires shiny. :)

THIRTY DOLLARS??!!! How dumb is that? How dumb is it that I paid!!!! (Not so much, because it was my last purchase with the company gas card.) :)

The vacuum was $2.00 for ten minutes. I was satisfied with the vacuum for 10 kroner. :) See, it's not all negative.

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