Monday, March 29, 2010



I was so happy to find an American Egg Hunt here! It was done through the American Womens' Club and it was just like an American Egg Hunt, plastic eggs and all!

I'm trying not to be sad and miss the multiple egg hunts we would go on Easter Weekend in California. It's funny how it's the holidays that make you miss home... and when you are at home you don't really think the little "holiday things" you do are so important. That's why only someone who understands would pay $40.00 to send me some Easter supplies. (Thanks again Holly....SOOOO MUCH!)

I'm not going to be greedy and be bummed out because I didn't rush from one egg hunt to the next this year. I'll just be happy that Scotty and Andrea finally got to go do a real egg hunt. :) This was really even Scotty's first one. The Easter before we left the states we were in Oregon and we did an Egg Hunt in the forest at a rock museum. It was fun, but just not the same as hundreds of plastic eggs laying everywhere. Plus, he fell and then cried the whole time. :)

I'm sure the Easter Bunny will find us in Germany too. :) ...on the 11th, after my parents show up to watch the fun!

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Mads and Kelli said...

I think the way you continue the American traditions for your kids across the ocean is AWESOME!! They are truly getting the best of both worlds!


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