Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm the NEW mom.


I met the moms from Sierra's class. They served caviar, smoked salmon, special cheeses, Green Tea from Japan, and champagne. It was served to us on a fully set dining room table under a huge chandelier. The house was a mansion, I had to be "buzzed" in.

Everyone was very nice and friendly though. Funny the woman I found the most outgoing to welcome me was the Danish woman. She's moving to Texas at the end of the month though. :) I think they are a nice group of moms though.

...just not exactly a group like moms like me. I don't have a nanny or cleaning lady and I make my own dinners. ...and I wore jeans. :) We'll see how it goes. I decided I'm just going to be me. I'll keep wearing my jeans and converse... :)

I missed my old friends when I got home. I missed regular ole' people just getting together and talking. I missed muffins and chocolate cake and rolls from the bakery... and plain ole' cheese. I miss Denmark. I'm just happy I have a friend coming to visit this weekend. I need a familiar face to talk to.

This week I meet the moms from Scotty's class. I'm sure it will be fine. Showing up as the "new mom" is not very fun though. It's scary and a little un-nerving. I admire the girls for doing it over and over again for all the new schools, classes, and activities they start. At least I have Andrea to bring along to talk to if I get lonely.


Anonymous said...

Courage my dear, pretty soon you'll be showing the next batch of new moms around the ropes!

Z :)

Anonymous said...

At least you can try out new recipes from the new mums on your family and Danish friends..
And a mum in jeans from Hamburg is always welcome at our coffee mornings ;-))

Ingrid said...

Good to hear that you have met some new moms. I am sure you will like lote of them when you learn to know them a bit better. Don't let their surface scare you :-) !
I also remember the scary feeling at my first coffee morning. Should I bring a chocolate cake or not, was that the right thing at that time of the morning, was it advanced enough and so on. Therefore I really try to help out the new moms as much as I can, since I know how it is to be there. I think it is very easy to feel welcommed (is that a word??) at ISAa. Everybody likes a new family coming :-) . More friends for the children and new possibilities.
I guess you are more in focus now when you start in the middle of the term. In August there are so many new families starting at the same time, so you are not the only one in that situation (but you always start in the middle of the term :-) ). On the other hand, when lots of new people start at the same time it is a bigger risk to be lost among all the others.
I am sure you are doing good and I am so proud of hearing how tough you are!!!
I miss you here a lot! Hugs!

KP said...

My heart aches for you after reading this! I know that "new girl" feeling all to well. I strongly believe in karma though, and you were so welcoming to so many in DK that I'm positive you'll be just fine!! If not with this group, then perhaps another. Hang in there Tara!!!!!!

Julie said...

These mom groups sound kind of cool! Do they even have them in the US? I don't remember my mom having them other than like the PTA.

Tara said...

Hey Julie...

That is the really cool thing about being over here with other "foreign" people. I have way more friends here than I ever did in the States. Everyone gets together because everyone has no one. :)

Julie said...

That's great! I think they should have those in Illinois too...people keep to themselves way too much here :)


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