Thursday, March 11, 2010


- Michaela checked out FIVE books at the school library today. I figure I just saved $50.00 by not having to buy and import them.

- I made banana bread to take to meet some moms tomorrow. Sierra laughs and says I'm trying to make friends. I say, "yep".

- Scotty has a book from school he is learning to read. All about the word "the". I love it. AND he has homework that he is so proud of.... :)

- I assume this is ground beef. But how do you know what percentage fat it is? I'm so confused...
- I've been driving a Mercedes this week. It's been a real treat. Thanks to my husband for leaving it for me!!

- My parents are coming to visit next month. That's when I'll finally get to schedule a hair appointment.

- German classes are all full so I've decided to teach myself by using You Tube. Don't laugh. I started today and can count to 20. ...kinda.

Andrea eats too much snow and won't put a clip in her flyaway hair. Her new eating snow trick is to walk in the snow until it sticks to her boot and then eat THAT snow. Yum.

- Paul comes home from Bulgaria tomorrow. He's been gone all week... :(

- I just googled Bulgaria to see where it was. It's under Romania. (Doesn't help huh?) Here's a picture so everyone can learn something today.

- I think I cool because I made Bulgaria's pictures post. I feel so computer nerd-ish.

- I'm now realizing Bulgaria is probably warmer than Hamburg.

- Now I'm mad at Paul.

- He better bring me a present. Something warm to wear would be good...

- I JUST GOOGLED Bulgaria's weather. It's 7 degrees C! IT BETTER BE A GOOD PRESENT. I'm still in -3 land... See how cold my car was after it's drive to Denmark?

- When you start to google Bulgaria's weather you know you should turn off the computer and just go to bed.

Gut Nachten.

You Tube taught me that today. :)

PS... Remember that Mercedes I have been driving? Here's a picture of it. I swear at it daily. If I wouldn't get hypothermia I'd walk.


Ingrid said...

You always make me smile. I have had a hard day and now it is time to go to bed (1.40am). Tomorrow is an intense day and I hope I will make it. SO reading this makes me go to bed with a smile. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for this educational posting. I had no idea how far South Bulgaria was. Please make your famous banana bread and send it in box to me. Over and out.

Missing ya!!!

Z xxxx

PiNG aka Patti said...

Ole says that the meat is "ground beef for frying" - the for frying is the zum Braten part. Maybe there are other packages labeled differently that would help you detect the fat percentage?


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