Friday, February 13, 2009

Baboon City and Cookies

Alright... Half of the people in this house are ill. Ick. It was nice to have a week's vacation to get everyone over their sickness though. ...and good thing we didn't make any plans to go anywhere far away!

Wednesday we went with our friends to Baboon City in Herning. (A certain Kelli was just too busy to meet us there.) :) It's not a zoo. I think it's funny that it is called "Baboon City" though. I just went to see what Baboon City means in English, it means: "Baby City". :) That makes me smile because Andrea is a baboon. I wonder if baboon means monkey too? Same thing... :) Sounds like a question for Anonymous. :)

Anyways when I start to explain what Baboon City is I want to say, "It's a giant legeland." ...but the word "legeland" wouldn't help anyone outside of Denmark. It's a big play place with bouncy houses and ball pits and it's probably the closest thing to a Chuck E Cheese there is here. ...and you can imagine how crowded it was in the middle of a school holiday in a very cold place. It was fun though and all the kids loved it.

...AND while at Baboon City. Andrea ate BANANAS!!! :) She loved them of course. I think she will be a great eater just like her big brother.

It doesn't make sense that I say half of us are sick and we went to Baboon City to play. So in case anyone is interested:
Sunday - Paul and Sierra sick
Monday - Paul and Sierra sick
Tuesday - Everyone feeling okay (for movie hee hee)
Wednesday night - Scotty sick and Paul feeling worse
Thursday - Scotty and Paul sick
Friday - Scotty still sick but looking better

With Scotty and Paul sick on Thursday our friends didn't come over to make cookies because they understandably didn't want our germs. :) I still made cookies with the girls though because they were disappointed enough. We made three-zillion cookies and frosted them and decorated them with all sort of candy. I'll post a picture of our sugar cookie family.

Mom, last night the spoonful of honey helped Sierra for a couple hours. I didn't hear a cough out of her until midnight! It wasn't as yummy as she thought though. :)

I should get up off the couch now. It's Friday morning and I need to get things under control before the weekend because next week is school again! OH. Valentines Day is tomorrow. I don't know that it's such a big deal here in Denmark, or Europe for that matter... I think it's becoming more popular though... as women realize they could get a good gift out of it. I bought MY husband a wonderful gift. :) HA. He'll look at it and say "Huh. Oh, great... thanks." :)

OH, it's been bright and sunny here... but that means colder. :) I don't mind though. Sun is good. Scotty saw his shadow the other day and played with it for a while! :) I didn't even think that without the sun for so long it's been a while since we've seen our shadows. :)


HP said...

you were sick a while ago

michaela said...

michaela is hp

The Guider said...

That is such a lovely pic of your floury girls!

'Babs' said...

Oh Baboon City! I have never been there but I have sent the spouse and kids there plenty a time.

I am too much of a germ freak to be able to relax in those legelands and I always wish for an antisepic wipe to go over everything.

Get Well Soon and Happy Valentines Day :)

Anonymous said...

There's also a legeland at Holmstrupgårdvej 18, Brabrand at Århus
And another legeland in Silkeborg

When in Baboon City Andrea probably thought, do as the baboons, eat bananas.

Kelli Nørgaard said...

Kelli is so sorry she was GETTING READY FOR PARIS... lol.. :o) But we WILL get together..

I have to comment on your new masthead... it is GREAT! Such a precious pic of your three girls!!! And now, you need to teach me how to make a new masthead! Mine is about 18 months old!!!!!


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