Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bazar Vest

I went shopping at Bazar Vest. This is the greatest place ever. I'm proud to say I went by myself and was not afraid. :) Bazar Vest is a middle eastern store where lots of things are written in Arabic. I've spoken with many, many people who live here, mostly Danish, who are afraid to go into this store... but with no real reason. Nothing has ever happened here... at least as far as I know. :)

Bazar Vest doesn't seem out of place to me at all. Trade the Arabic for Spanish and it's California. Just a bunch of different people walking around and the women have their heads covered. I am just as much of an immigrant as they are... so I will happily shop in their stores. The store keepers are very friendly. They give Scotty yucky wrinkly figs and free apples. They bag up all my food and have even offered to help carry it to my car. I don't feel anymore out of place here than I do in other Danish places. I've met several Arabic women here too, mostly on the bus... they are the ones who will coo at Andrea and Scotty. Their English isn't as great, but they try and seem very nice.

So no matter what anyone else says, Bazar Vest is great! It's like a giant mall/flea market; it has small grocery stores, a butcher with yucky dead animals hanging up, small delis to order food, and the biggest selection of fruit and vegetables anywhere in Denmark!

Back to my exciting shopping trip here... Since I was only with Andrea I wandered every aisle very slowly just looking for things that looked familiar. I hit the jackpot and found EVAPORATED MILK!!!! 38 points for me!!! I bought every can they had... : ) I also bought some sweetened condensed milk and a can of processed cheese from Kraft... just to see what it was. The cashier guy (with no fingers on one hand) laughed as he and I went through a point-y game trying to figure out what I wanted and how many... all the good stuff is kept behind the counter. :)

I'm sorry for buying all the evaporated milk. If someone needs one I will share... or trade for JIF. :)

I felt like an American shopper again. I came home with all these bags....

My treasures...


Paula said...

OOh butternut squash- I love butternut squash soup! What do you use the evaporated milk for by the way? I buy tons for Indian tea and as a replacement for cream in soups.

Laura said...

Looks like a cool place. Wonder why anyone would be scared to go to a market.

I have my little evaporated milk/condensed milk pusher too -- a Turkish greengrocer in Nørrebro. Absolutely essential for fudge making. :)

Archaeogoddess said...

My husband sings the praises of Bazar Vest - when he's doing a taxi shift he usually picks up food from there. It's a bit far for me to go without a car or some serious bus maneuvers, but if they've got evaporated milk... (or will have again at some point) I've got to get up there! Or I need to find a Turkish greengrocer nearby...

Kelli Nørgaard said...

I need to know where this is for my next trip to Århus!! I cannot believe all the TREASURES you found! And do not apologizing for hoarding the evap milk... thats the AMERICAN WAY!!! :o)

Anonymous said...

Not to scare you off or anything, but actually a lot of bad things has happened outside Bazar Vest, but usually only at night.
The former Shell gasstation outside Bazar Vest was a magnet for all the young troublemakers in the Gellerup area at night.
Actually according to local newspaper Århus Stiftstidende the police, Bazar Vest and Brabrand Boligforening asked Shell to close down the gas station to spread out all the troublemakers. There had been several incidents, the worst being when the police was forced to escape from a lot of young people in the area when investigating a case about knife stabbing.
People also shot fireworks and things like that at passing cars. And when Shell was tearing down the gasstation after they decided to shut it down they found an unexploded homemade bomb on the roof of Shell.

So Shell did close the gasstation but says it was not because they were asked to by the police but because of low profit (a lot of goods were stolen) and because they could not gurantee for the security of the customers and employees anymore.

Here's an article abouit it

Don't get me wrong, I have often been to Bazar Vest and like it and I'm not afraid of it, it's quite safe and quiet at daytime. But I would not go in the area at night. I have often passed by on the road outside at night when I lived close by. Usually things were quiet, but I have also seen some trouble at the Shell station. Once a couple of guys started running after me and I have never biked so hard in my life.

Anonymous said...


They have their own website
Lots of places selling all kind of fruit and vegetables + lots of kebab stands. When you walk in the door it's like going to another country.

Anonymous said...

What's the deal with evaporated milk?
What do you use this for? Never heard of anyone using evaporated milk.

Colin said...

Funnily enough, right after reading this yesterday I was in the little Chinese grocer on Park Alle and noticed that they also have condensed milk.


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