Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Poozle is so big!!! I forgot to mention she has another little tooth on the bottom. She got it about five days ago. It's almost as cute as the other one. :) ...But the other one is bigger now so you can see it and so it's cuter than the second one. ...and right on cue we got a note from the dentist saying she has an appointment next week. If I translated correctly it is more like a meeting on "how to clean your babies teeth" and several families will be there. I think I'll call and pass on the Danish instruction. It's nice that I'd get one though...

AND.... we've decided Andrea can sit up all by herself. She still has not rolled over, but rolling over is boring. Sitting up is where the real fun happens, huh Poozle? I can plop her on a blanket (surround her with pillows just in case) and she will play with toys like a happy little person. She has her wiggly moments and falls over though, mostly when she gets really excited about something.

I made her green beans today and some more carrots. What a pain. I do like putting it into ice cube trays and making colorful little "food cubes" though. This Sunday I am going to try a big cooking afternoon where I cook EVERYTHING I can for the week. ...for dinner, for lunches, for Poozle, for everything... It may take more planning than I am capeable of, we'll see.

Scotty likes Andrea now. He amused her for twenty minutes by sliding a yellow plastic plate across the coffee table and having it crash to the ground. She laughed hysterically and they became friends. :) Now he surrounds her with toys whenever she is sitting on the floor and in the car today he actually put the pacifier in her mouth. Very cute.

Scotty also likes to make "squishy food" for Andrea. His job is to throw the vegetables in the pot of water and to then spoon it into the ice cube trays. He adds about a half hour to completing this task and another half hour to clean up his mess, but it amuses him for a while so it's worth it. He's been helping me cook things lately. He likes to do whatever jobs he can. Last night he put the spaghetti noodles in O N E... A T... A... T I M E.

Sierra got her stitches out by a very old doctor with a VERY unsteady hand. I about died... I should have just done it all myself. I figured that it was free so I might as well have a "professional" do it. Either way, they are out and now she just has bandages there. It looks okay I guess. She will not be going to gymnastics tomorrow. I told her we would stay home and eat ice cream where she will be safe.

Michaela is normal. No major issues although there was a bug in her room last night that provoked quite an incident that ended with her sleeping on the couch in her room. :) Today we borrowed a book from a friend that she wanted and that has made her happy.

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