Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Oprah and Rachel

I found two new friends to hang out with every morning!!! Oprah and Rachel Ray!!! WHOO HOOO!! I never really watched them at home, but now I don't have options, soooooo... I get to watch TV in the morning, while it lasts anyways. I'm sure one day I will plop down on my couch expecting a nice hour of English TV and it will be gone because Danish TV seems to change without warning, but maybe that's why I just found these shows so I can't complain!

Yesterday the girls had ice skating lessons and on the way there Scotty proclaimed that he wanted to go ice skating. I told him that he would have to go with the teacher and not mommy but he didn't seem to care. I didn't think he would really go through with it, but he was pretty set on it. He stood in line with the girls to get skates, the skate lady gave him his skates, he carried them to a seat to put them on... :) He was acting like such a big boy! He even repeated his shoe size to the skate lady after I said it. :)

After we got him all ready I took him to the skating instructor and told him that Scotty wanted to try skating. I don't think this teacher was very happy to have an English speaking three-year old to deal with, but this particular teacher has never been very nice to any of us though. The teacher said I had to take him out there... so I hand off Andrea to a friend's mom and get some skates.

Scotty (and I) did very well, and I let him fall quite a bit so he'd get used to it since my eny objective was to have him on the ice and me watching. He thought falling was funny, which is good because on his own he fell quite a bit. The problem for Scotty wasn't falling, he was okay with that... BUT the getting up didn't go too well. :)

Getting up after falling results his Scotty's feet going every which way and much more falling. Mommy laughing doesn't help. ...but it was hilarious. He was like the little baby Bambi on the ice. :) We lasted a good 15 minutes out there but I think I will just take him on our own and skate around on the ice opposed to official lessons for him. ...unless we find better lessons for three year olds.

The girls are doing great with their lessons though. I can't believe how long Michaela can spin. I'll have to make a movie. ...and Sierra does these perfect pretty little dragging-one-foot-behind-her things... They are learning quite a bit. Ice Skating lessons are going well. I like them.

:( Andrea got her first cat scratch just now. (...because Mommy is typing and not paying attention) Don't be too hard on Velcro the cat though... Velcro puts up with quite a bit from The Pooz. Andrea LOVES the cat. She laughs out loud whenever she sees her. So of course she loves to grab and hit the cat... because that's what Andrea does with things she loves; grabs and hits them. :) As I was consoling Andrea after the cat swatted at her, I found a clump of orange fur in her tiny little clenched hand. :) She's okay but has a little red dot on her cheek... not a giant scratch, just a dot. :)

Okay, I'm off to go about my exciting day. Oprah is done. I will now vacuum and make the sauce for our dinner. :)


Kelli Nørgaard said...

cannot wait to see the girls´ videos! Maybe I should enroll in lessons too!

C and H Romenesko said...

Doesn't it boggle the mind how Danish TV is so unpredictable? It's like a game of hide and seek :). Ellen used to be on early in the morning (7:30) and now it's gone, but it'll be back. Rachel Ray comes and goes, but Oprah has been pretty regular at 10:10. If you stumble upon Grey's Anatomy, let me know. It too, disappeared one day :( but then House appeared. Heehee.

Lisa said...

I can totally see the "Bamby moves" Scotty was making! I think a fist full of hair for a dot on the cheek is a fair trade.


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