Sunday, February 15, 2009

Snow... LOTS!

Click on that picture and see what happens...? I really don't know what it will do. I'll try this other way too. Picasa is very neat but I've never spent any real time figuring it out.

Snow!!! ...and lots too! (Well, lots for us...)

Yesterday was probably the sunniest and warmest day I've seen all year, but today it snowed all day long! YAY. I like snow, especially when there is enough to last all day. We made a snow hill out of a giant snow ball so we could sled down it. We also made a big snow man to wait at the bus stop out at the front of our house. :)

Michaela finally gave in to the germs we've had in our house all week. She was not feeling well when she woke up, but she rested for a while and later felt good enough to go out a play in the snow too. She's doing okay now. Even Scotty woke up cranky and with a fever again, but around lunchtime he too felt okay to go outside and play. Of course I just looked over at him playing his video games and he is asleep sitting up. :) I hope everyone wakes up healthy tomorrow so I can take them all to school. Who knows, it might even be a snow day!! I might decide to make it a snow day...

Andrea also ate Sveskemos!!! She likes Sveskemos. I don't know what Sveskemos are.

I bought Sveskemos premade in a baby food jar and the picture looks like a small, wrinkly, dark thing. :) Prunes or raisins? Either way I thought it may help because our little Poozle apparently ate too many bananas. Peas and Sweet Potatoes are up next. :) I will squish them up myself with love.


PiNG aka Patti said...

She ate prunes :)

Tara said...

HA. I would have put money on raisins!! :)

Anonymous said...

rosin = raisin
sveske = prune
mos / mosede = mashed
sveskemos = mashed prunes

Kelli Nørgaard said...

lol... I love it. So simple from Patti.. SHE ATE PRUNES!

and your next post can be "She pooped" because we know what prunes will do !!


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