Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Now, Now....


First of all, I had NO IDEA you could make your own baby oatmeal or baby rice cereal.

Second of all, I don't think Denmark is 3rd world, although I will admit to making that exact joke so it's funny it was mentioned in a comment. :) (Please note the smiley face...)

I realize Denmark is just different. I tell my kids that everyday!! I obviously have a preference for what I prefer, but I believe I try very hard to not be negative. I add lots of smiley faces. :) If I didn't take this entire thing with a sense of humor I wouldn't have lasted this long.

And as an extra comment to change the subject... I don't really know how to use semi-colons. I just put them in every now and then because they are fun.

I'm off to bed now. Andrea has been good at going to bed lately. She has developed a love for holding onto cloth diapers and she also loves her Sleepy Sheep. Bruce and Ingrid gave it to her and it's the softest little stuffed animal ever. Ingrid, please buy some more Sleepy Sheeps because Sleepy will get quite dirty if he turns into her most favorite-est toy ever. She rubs it all over her face as she's falling asleep and every night she can be found asleep with it on top of her head. I'd take a picture but I'm scared it will wake her up and then I won't get to go to bed.

Cloth Diapers in Denmark: Guess what!!? You have to wash them first THEN they turn soft. I had bought some a while ago and ended up returning them because they were not soft at all. Then I was in a store and they had some special ones on display and one was hard, the other was soft. The lady said you had to wash them and they turned soft!! WHOO HOOO.. So I went back and re-bought the ones I returned. We use them as just little rags to have around to clean drool, etc. up. Way better than American cloth diapers!!!!

night night


Ingrid said...

You are not negative!
After having the opportunity to hear lots of things from all American families over here, I am happy I don't come from US, since everywhere you go it is worse then home. I am not joking. My children would love to move over there whenever and it is a big country and that makes a difference in lots of areas, so of course it is frustrating when you have to deal with things that doesn't work, when you know it should have worked perfectly well if you were at home.
I am surprised you use cloth diapers, that doesn't sound American to me :-) . I used that too and it worked perfectly well.
The Sleepy Sheep is a favourite, I know, I have seen it :-) .
See you! Hugs, Ingrid

ingrid said...

What is Caterpoozel?


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