Saturday, February 14, 2009

So i have hijacked my wife's fun little blog for some wonderful Valentines day fun cause I am such a wonderful husband. ya sure. Anyhow she bought herself the kitchen appliances already and cheated my valentines day gift so gets cheesy stuff like this. As for appliances I wasn't proposing a crappy new toaster or vacuum or something but a cute bright red mixing bowl set...especially danish and especially expensive. As a wonderful baker she would appreciate some quality tools. (on that note then I guess tools don't count for boy gifts then) I had planned a special 'time in DK' reminder mixing bowl set to replace the drap white now grey cheap plastic walmart mixing bowl set we have been using for several years. I already bought her the big one for Christmas. I guess next valentines I'll make sure I stop by a 'novelty shop' in the US get some wonderful stuffed pink things with cute writing on them.....perhaps Walgreens will the best place to find such lovely items. Anyhow lot's of love to my cute little baby maker wife Tara and I am very proud she has learned all these new things to survive in DK that she shares on her blog.


Kelli Nørgaard said...

Ok, totally sweet and now I have a new name for my friend Tara... "cute little baby maker"!!!!

I am finished at my conference at 2 today and jumping on the Metro to meet my husband at the Eiffel tower.. So we are all having romantic valentines days! :o)

Tara said...

Yes, I'm a "cute little baby maker" :) I grow people.

Happy, Thanks for my little note and wonderful picture. :) I do like my mixing bowl set. It is fun and red and doesn't wiggle around when you stir things, which is good because I now usually cook with one hand thanks to a certain Poozle. :) ...but, I could have bought 75 walmart bowls for the same price. :)

Paul H said...

but what would you do with 75 crappy walmart bowls you need to hold with 2 hands?
Mommy thanks for be a good baby maker and now a great make lots of yummy things now and none come out of a box. Except for KD but that doesn't count.

Lisa said...

Ahhhh Love is in the air! I am glad you are a good baby maker! hee hee! I want to see these cute bowls that cost as much as 75 cheap walmart bowls. Now go give Happy Hubby a big smooch!


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