Monday, February 9, 2009

A TOOTH!!!!!!

Little Poozle was chomping away on my finger today when I felt a tiny little tooth on the bottom!!!

I yelled "she has a tooth" and everyone ran in. We laid her on the couch and rushed around trying to find some flashlights as if the tooth was going to disappear. We needed to investigate and take pictures to prove it to people. Sure enough! There was a little, teeny, tiny, white tooth poking out. :) It is the cutest thing ever!! I love her tooth.

She is getting to be such a big girl... eating carrots, growing teeth... :( I wish she'd slow down. With all the other kids I couldn't wait until they did the "next" thing. I'm perfectly happy with her just the way she is. Nice and cute and always happy to see me.

We finally stopped harassing her for a picture. ...sticking our fingers in her mouth, trying to push her lip and tongue out of the way... camera flashing right up in her face... No picture of the cutest tooth in the world, sorry - you can barely see it, but it does make a little sound when the spoon hits it. :)

No tooth pictures so here are some other pictures.

Sleepy Sheep on Andrea's sleepy head...

Helping Daddy.

After a fun bath.

Scotty's Eyelashes.
And here are Scotty's eyelashes. I didn't notice this until Paul's sister pointed it out to me. His top eyelashes are two different colors. One side is very light, the other is very dark. It is true. At first I thought it was the light or just the angle... but they really are different colors and this picture just happens to show it. I wonder what that means when your eyelashes are different colors. :) I think it's cute. :)


Anonymous said...

"I wonder what that means when your eyelashes are different colors".

That he can watch 3D-television without using the special 2-colored 3D-glasses?

Very funny pic with the laptops.

Lisa said...

That is so sweet. Maybe that is why she was crying the other night for the babysitter. I know what you mean about savoring the little things with the younger kids. Enjoy this time it is precious, I love your your other kids are so involved too. My oldest son has really long eylashes and he has two rows, on top of that they are blond next to the lid and get darker tward the tips. It looks like he brushed mascara on the ends.

Kelli Nørgaard said...

ok that picture of Andrea and daddy with the laptops is ABSOLUTELY precious!!!

today is Tuesday which means you are having your big kid day!! cannot wait to hear all about it!!


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